Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A Photo Shoot With Sir Gordon & The Pillows Pep Made Me

I found this fabric at JoAnn's when I was looking for something to protect my sling for my broke-ass arm back after my very serious* injury in March. I fell in love with it immediately and turned to my mom like 'What kind of magic can you work with this?'

3 months later, I received these lovely pillows.

I was SO excited that I wanted to post them on HSCOOC so I needed to take photos. My dog is quite the HAM (not sure if you're aware) and I just can't resist his face so here I am to share it with you. Thanks, Pep for the pillows. Gord hasn't even picked one up in his mouth yet so he either really likes them or thinks they're too girly for his taste.

*not very serious at all, really.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Taste Tester

Have you known me for very long? If so, how many foods have you witnessed me trying for the first time? How many did I like? If you have not known me very long (or at all), please read this to have a better understanding of this post.

Now, be prepared to have your mind BLOWN.

I went to dinner at PF Changs last night for SSFS. Some of my girls were there to eat, some were there just to witness (Lobo). I didn't overthink it, I just went in and looked at the menu without reading the small print and went to town.

I tried not one, not two, not three but FOUR new things last night.

Chicken Lettuce Wraps...I'd heard the hype, and am now a believer. Pretty delicious.

Crispy Honey Shrimp....delicious.

Chang's Spicy Chicken....definitely my favorite of the evening

And Double Pan Fried Noodles with Vegetables....not my favorite but hey, 3 out of 4 ain't bad.

I've come a long way but no, I am still not interested in trying a bite of your hamburger. Thanks, though.

Friday, July 24, 2009


I made PB&Js for a date last night and I wanted to share this with you because I think everyone should know how to make a proper PB&J and let me just tell you, I make a KILLER PB&J.

This really shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone but I take this very seriously. It's pretty much an art form in my world. So next time you have a craving for a PB&J, I want you to follow this recipe, OK? It's pretty life changing. You'll be thinking, "did my mother not love me enough because my sandwiches were never this good as a child."

Ok, here goes:

Bread = Wonder Whole Wheat White (so much for my Aunt Karen's 'the whiter the bread, the sooner you're dead' theory!)

Peanut Butter = Skippy Honey Roasted Nut (it's a smooth, not a chunky)

And last but certainly not least, Jelly = Smucker's Strawberry Preserves.

You can thank me later.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Let Me Tell You About Going Out On A Wednesday Night

It is hard. I know from the photo above, we make it look so easy.

You're sitting at home, you've already done your normal after-work routine (i.e. feed and walk the dog, make dinner, watch SYTYCD while laid up on the couch) and then all of a sudden you have to GO PUT A DRESS ON and touch up your make-up when usually in about an hour, you'd be hitting the sack.

How do I get myself into these situations? You see, working in the very glamorous (see: NOT) world of PR, you get invites to any and every event ever. You can imagine that in Vegas, this means there is always something going on. Well I got an invite from Las Vegas Magazine about two weeks ago about this Singles Event at LAX. See, hosted bar = sold. So I sent the invite to Anika asking if she wanted to be my date and of course, she was on board.

Then all of a sudden, July 22 rolls around and the last thing I want to do is get all dolled up to go out way past my bedtime on a Wednesday night. BUT we did it. We pre-partied with Gordon at my place and then headed down to The Strip. We get to the Luxor, after almost getting lost because who the f goes to the Luxor, and of course, there is a CRAZY line outside of LAX. It takes Anika and I like 15 minutes to figure out how to by-pass the line. We eventually do and walk into the club. But, oh wait, IT ISN'T EVEN OPEN YET. Here I am, at 10:40 p.m. ready to pass out and a place hasn't even opened it's doors for the evening yet. Luckily, Noir Bar dropped its exclusivity and we were welcomed inside. This bar is actually really swanky and cool, it's got a great vibe to it, all tucked away. So we get our first free drink HOLY CRAP THIS IS SO STRONG and before I know it, we're rapping along to Wyclef Jean sitting in our plush leather chairs and I'm saying "DO YOU WANT TO GO DANCE????"

Yeah, here I am, Club Monster Katie, out on a Wednesday night doing JT's version of The Single Ladies dance without a care in the world.

Funny how it comes back so easily.

Today was rough though, stopped at Sbux and added shot. 'Cause yeah, the evening was like that.

Monday, July 20, 2009


Now, when I say B.F.F.s that is according to Sir Gordon Snacks A Lot. Allie (black lab) and Darby (golden) would want me to make this perfectly clear.

Gordon looks up to them like they are the Prom King and Head Cheerleader of his high school. Like THEY would have backstage passes to The Jonas Brothers because they are just that cool.

Darb and Allie, on the other hand, view Gordon like he is...well a huge fan of the Jonas Brothers, wears a Sock Monkey collar, looks like a teddy bear and insists on biting their ears and pulling their back leg when they are trying to run away from him. Oh and that he has a ridiculous hair-cut. But it's growing out, guys so cut him some slack.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

The 21st Century

Welcome to the future.

I am officially connected to the World Wide Web from my house. Want to know the best part? I am not even sitting outside in the 108 degree heat stealing the internet from the Buffalo Wild Wings across the street. No, I am sitting in my air-conditioned condo, with a panting dog and a blue-eyed cat typing on my Macbook. (I'm typing on the Macbook, not the blue-eyed cat.) This whole high speed internet thing is blowing my mind. What will they come up with next?!?

I know, I KNOW! So exciting. I don't even know what to follow this up with. I feel like I should just keep writing because I CAN.

What else can I tell you? It's hot. Real hot. I am very excited for this weekend, mostly because it's the first weekend in a loooonnnggg time that I don't have any set set plans. The only thing I know is I have FFFT (F*ing Fun Friday Times) with Miss Anika Jones tomorrow to kick off the weekend, I may have a hair appointment on Saturday, hang with Pep on Sunday, gotta go grocery shopping, gotta get to Target and I'll probably try to catch a movie. Does that sound like a lot of plans to you? Because for me, that is nothing.

But that doesn't mean it won't be a whole lot of F-U-N.

Knochers....signing off....from HOME :)

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

6 of None or One of the Other

So you know that saying that goes something along the lines of Six of One or Half a Dozen....whatever whatever....yeah, I can't ever get it right but for whatever reason I insist on using it ALL THE TIME.

It always just seems to fit but then doesn't fit at all because I end up totally screwing it up. Why can't I just say "Either way" or "50/50"? No, I try to use the egg one every time and end up saying stuff like this:

Six Of One or None of Another

Six of One or Another of Another

One of the Six or One of the Other

Six of None or One of the Other

Six of a Ton and Lots of the Other

Do you see what I'm getting at here? So if you ever happen to give me two options that are pretty much the same and won't really make a difference to me either way, just be prepared for one of the above responses.

And good luck trying to correct me. What's it matter anyway? It's All of One or Half of the Other, anyway ;)

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Ode to Nothing Bundt Cake

Oh you little Nothing Bundt Cake, how I love thee. Let me count the ways (because it is certainly easier than counting your calories).

1. I love your Chocolate Chocolate Chip flavor and I don't even LIKE chocolate cake! This is because every other bite consists of a giant chocolate chip right in my mouth and I LOVE chocolate chips in my mouth.

2. I love your Cream Cheese Frosting!!!!! Yes, five exclamation points were necessary here. I love this frosting so much that it got me to try the real cream cheese over the weekend....DELISH!

3. I love your round little shape (it reminds me of how round my butt will be if I continue to consume you).

4. I love how your frosting drips down the sides of you like a volcano of sweet, sweet sugar love.

5. I love that I can get you in an individual size or in a size that would take me two months to eat.

6. I love that you have Adam Lambert...the should've-been-winner of American Idol holding you up on your website. This makes me feel like "They're Just Like US!"

7. I love that you originated here, in Las Vegas, giving us something other than neon and glitter to admire about our town.

8. I love how clever you are with your merchandise...your tees' that read "Nothing Bundt Drama" and your onesie that read "Baby's Got Bundt" sure do make me giggle.

9. Chocolate Chocolate Chip.

10. Cream Cheese Frosting.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Red, White and Beer

Lots of things were a cause for celebration this weekend:

1. The Wizzles are in town

2. $1 Beer Night at the 51s

3. There was no work on Friday

4. The Wizzles are in town

5. 1st Friday

6. Golden Nugget Pool Time

7. 4th of July

8. The Wizzles are in town

9. Pep and I made cupcakes

10. Shelly's BBQ Party

Do you need another reason to party? Because the Wizzles are in town and this is Josh's first trip to Vegas. So, naturally, we are FORCED to show him a good time. Make that a great time. As previously mentioned, we were at $1 Beer Night Thursday night which was pretty much the best thing EVER since there was no work on Friday, for once. Followed that with some tiki drinks at Frankie's. Friday night was First Friday and the Wizzles got a room at The Golden Nugget. We ate with the Crawfords at Dona Marias, made an appearance at DCR, visited the Griffin and of course, topped the night off at Don't Tell Mama. Stumbled back down Freemont and woke up the next day to bagels and cream cheese (my first experience!) and spent the whole day swimming with the sharks at the Golden Nugget Pool. Saturday night Lobo had a barbecue where 87 games of Flip Cup were played and Gordon wore a polo (and fell in love with Linzi's husband, see below). And Sunday the Crawfords had a barbecue for Miss Shelly's birthday. Pretty much it has been a non-stop party. I took last night to recover by vegging out with some pizza and the first season of True Blood (so addicted!) And now for the photo coverage. Oh and if you're interested, the Wizzles are still here which means the party is still happening. Tonight brings karaoke at the Beauty Bar...and yes, it is a hipster as it sounds.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Bye, Bye Bug :(

So, it's official. I am putting my bug up for sale. For those of you who don't know, I've been dragging my feet on this for some time now. Pep offered me her Jeep which is in much better condition than my bug. And it's a real shame that the VW dealership here likes to charge people up the ahole for little things like A HEADLIGHT CHANGE.

But I digress, I've written a little love letter to my trusty beetle and it goes a little something like this...

Dearest Buzz,

Thank you so much for getting me from point A to point Z and everything in between over the past five (plus) years. From the moment I slapped that Hot Cats sticker on the back of you, I knew we would be friends for life.

Buzz, you were my home-away-from-home. You were there for me when I sat in front of boy(s) house(s) crying for hours on your steering wheel. You were there to rock out with me whenever I would get the new JT album and feel the need to practically blow your speakers with it. And how about all those road trips to California...you sure fit in nicely there. And most importantly, you got me home on nights when I should have just left you some place.

You were always so good about your gas mileage, too...I really am going to miss that (Jeannette the Jeep doesn't have shit on your gas mileage).

I'm sorry that I made you drive around Super Chump for so long because he didn't have a car. And I'm sorry about how embarrassed you got when he would drunkenly jump out of your passenger seat in the Del Taco drive-thru.

I'm sorry that I didn't give you enough baths and that most of the time, half of my apartment was actually in your trunk (ok and the backseat). And I'm real sorry about all the curbs I hit, I didn't mean it.

Thank you, thank you for making Crayola my signature scent. I'll miss the crap out of you and am going to make sure that your next owner has a sense of style for your flower case and will be worthy of your waxy ways.

I'll love you forever,

Katie K.

Now, the ideal situation would be for a HSCOOC reader or someone they know to come and scoop this bug off it's wheels. So here is the add...holler at me if you know anyone who is in need of the World's Best Beetle...

Beep beep! New Beetle for Sale! 2001 Silver Volkswagen Beetle with 116,650 miles. Great gas mileage, AC system to cool you off during hot summer days, 6-disc cd changer, sun roof, automatic transmission and very CUTE! I love this car and hate to be parting with it but my expanding family requires something larger. Blue book is $5,100 in fair condition, asking price $4,500 for good condition.

(and readers, no worries, that expanding family part = Gordo).

Now, for some parting photos...