Friday, May 27, 2011

Fresh-Cut Sundays

Now that I live in a place where things actually bloom and survive for longer than a day, I've gotten really in to keeping fresh flowers in my place. There is something just so simply romantic about a fresh-cut bouquet.

There is a place in the Highlands neighborhood called Perfect Petal. They keep a walk-in of fresh cut flowers, allowing you the freedom to design your own bunch. I usually can't get in and out of there in less than 45 minutes. The name of the shop pretty much sums it up but I think the photo will do it better justice.

Pretty, right?

My place smells like a garden right now. Perfect timing for the hosting of my guest. Kid Sister arrives tonight at 11 p.m. which should make for one helluva fun, responsibility-free, long weekend in which I am in much need of.

Denver gets a bit of Vegas this weekend, sister style.

Monday, May 16, 2011


On Sunday, I attended my first Rockies game. Lucky for me, I know that there will be many more and hopefully not too many like Sunday. I only say that because it was FREEZING COLD. And not like Vegas freezing cold - Denver freezing cold - at least for May. It was oh, about 45, probably - with no sun in sight.

Oh and we lost. 8-2.

The day was not lost, however, we still had a fantastic time. The Wicklers along with Michael, came to my place at 10 a.m. to tailgate. Afterall, there is nothing like having PBR and Sexy Pizza in your system by 11:30 in the morning. Even Gordon was in the spirit on his purple blanket.

The cab came to pick us up at 12:30 and by 12:50, thanks to my forgetting my i.d. that didn't even work at the game thanks to the hole through it, we were at Coors Field. Andy, Erin, Greg, Kristen and Jake met us and we hiked up the stairs to our $7 (!!) seats.

There was not enough beer to keep us warm so come inning 6, we were down in the bar with the rest of Denver.

I am so happy to have some teams to call my own now. Rockies, I know that this is our season. See you at the next game.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

A DAM Good Friday

This past Friday was one of the best nights I've had since moving to Colorado. Kristen, my newest girlfriend, who I adopted from Linzi, came over after work for Bloody Mimosas to toast the royal wedding with me as we snacked on some cheese and crackers.

Our plan has been to B-Cycle for a night out but, as I am finding out, you can't depend on the weather here in Colorado. Just because it was nice enough for you to ride your bike to work in a dress, does not mean you will not need your down coat for the ride home. Sure enough, it was one of those days and we were thankful we opted for the car as the (hopefully last!) snow fell on this Spring night as we were leaving the museum.

I'd been to the Denver Art Museum before - years ago when I brought Superchunk to Denver for his 30th. We took photos throughout the exhibit, checked out the gift shop, I got locked in a phonebooth - it was good times. The experience that I had with Kristen on Friday night was totally different though. We had been wanting to check out the BLINK! exhibit before it left town on May Day. DAM does Final Fridays (doesn't that have a nice ring to it?) where the museum stays open until 10 p.m., they have DJs performing out front, live music upstairs and oh, WINE - so if not now then when became the question. The first thing I thought of as we started to explore the museum was "I just do not remember it being this large!" Apparently, they've added a whole new expansion since I was there last in 2007.

The BLINK! exhibit was fascinating. We were there for an hour and a half or so - mainly because we didn't get there until 8:30 and knew the place shut down at 10 but we could have spent an entire day there - taking photos, watching the band, exploring the exhibit. BLINK! was very interactive as it explores light, sound and the moving image. For example, one of the rooms we went in to had a bunch of old televisions sitting right side up with the screens toward the ceiling, 3 groups, each scene/sound had a different color assigned to it and we were in the middle of Vietnam. Instead of me wasting your time trying to explain the incredibly moving experience, watch for yourself here. Just imagine sitting in a dark room, surrounded by art, instead of in front of your computer.

Amazing, right?

So, understandably, we got lost in ourselves while exploring BLINK! at DAM. And, as previously mentioned, it was snowing by the time we left the museum. There was only one thing to do at that point - head to the bars. We ended up at Dougherty's on the Broadway South strip to see if Erin, Linzi's cousin, was working. She was not but she was there with her brother, and the night ended up being one for the books.

You can tell Summer is coming when nights like last Friday come your way.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Sir Gordon Drinks A Lot

A major appeal of moving to Denver was how dog friendly this city is. For example, yesterday after work, Gordon and I met Linzi at Tavern Uptown for Happy Hour.

We sat on the back patio and Gordon behaved himself, minus trying to jump on the waitress when she came back with our drinks. It's OK, Gordon, I got excited, too.

Also, apparently, the love of Moscow Mules is genetic. Looks like I'll be picking up some copper mugs in the near future.