Monday, May 24, 2010

An Afternoon at the Ranch

Sunday afternoon my new friend, Payton, and I headed west to Bonnie Springs, NV. Payton is new to town and why take him to The Strip when we have an awesome petting zoo a short 20-minute drive out of town?

First off, you should know that Sunday was a really weird weather day in Vegas. ABNORMAL I think is what they call it. About 60 degrees (aka cold), overcast and RAINY. But we were bound and determined to get the most out of our adventure.

We made lots of friends over at the Petting Zoo, including Rocky. Everyone, meet Rocky...who may have been a little hungry when he tried to bite my fingers off...

We ran into some folks who were absolutely HEARTLESS who were dropping rocks onto the lynx (not the smartest idea) but then we also met the Deer Whisperer to make up for them. This was a heavier-set kid, about 12-years-old who was constantly with the deer who would run in the opposite direction from Payton and myself. This gal was just the sweetest and I've named her Darla.

Payton speaks Peacock from his WOOFing days, so that was really helpful when we ran into this guy...

But Buckley, sweet sweet Buckley has my heart...

Those eyes, that tooth! He stole the show. That was until Payton got picked to be the judge in the 'Hanging' during theater time. When they were looking for volunteers, I shot my hand right up in the air and poor Payton had to be sitting next to the girl who was too excited and got picked. He was a good sport though and really owned the role.

The other highlights of the day included the shooting gallery, being tricked by the Indian artist, Big Red, and of course, the beers.

I really wish I could tell you that the TRAIN RIDE was a highlight, as well, but they shut that down "due to rain" (it rained - excuse me, sprinkled, for like 15 minutes).

So looks like we'll have to take another trip back to catch the train and check in on our newly made friends. If you have never experienced Bonnie Springs, I HIGHLY recommend it. And you'll probably run into us there since it's our new favorite spot. And more than likely, we'll be in costume.

Friday, May 21, 2010

R.I.P. Kobe

Dear Kobe,

I am so sorry I left you in the bathroom inside the Monte Carlo on my way to CityCenter last night. I had specifically put you on as I was attending VEGAS Magazine's VEGAS Sparkles event and what sparkles more than you?!? But you didn't make it to the party and it's all my fault :(

We've been together since I was 21 and you brought so much joy to my life. The moment I put you on, you made me feel like the $4 million you'd be worth if you were real (although you know you've always been real in my heart).

You were a part of Club Monster Katie days. All those nights when Creepy McCreeperson would try grinding on me in the club or sleezily try to buy me a drink, I would simply place you on my left ring finger and call it a day.

Because who wants to compete with your 8 carats?

I hope some P.Y.T. found you in the bathroom last night and that she will rock you the way you deserve to be rocked - in a hot little dresses, a nice tan and some lip gloss. And that you will save her from countless douchers hitting on her in the club.

But know this, Kobe, you will forever live in my heart. And I am sorry it ended this way but maybe it's a sign that a real one is coming along for me here real soon.

Keep Blinging,

Katie K.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

I am OVER May

That sky is pretty much how May has felt to me.

But see that hole of SUNSHINE in that dark cloud?

Yeah, that is called JUNE and it is right around the corner....

I can make it.

Friday, May 14, 2010

What I Want

I was in Arizona this past weekend and although that didn't exactly pan out the way it was supposed to, this couple totally made it worth the trip.

We were at a bar called The Museum Club in Flagstaff off Route 66. What got us there was their temptation of 25 cent beers until 9 p.m. Best part? I think that is what got this couple there, too. They had about 15 of the (mini) 25 cent beers on their table and were dancing up a storm. When they finally took a break from the floor, I happened to capture this tender moment.

This. This is what I want.

So in love.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Kickball de Mayo

The greatest honor was recently bestowed upon me by our great kickball captain, Jeffrey. He named me Activities Director for Kickin' It Old School.

This is really the reason that I joined a team. Being able to direct people to dress up for no particular reason?! Coming up with themes? Asking people to wear mustaches and drink tequila? Come ON! I live for that kind of stuff.

So on Cinco de Mayo, Katie Knoch, A.D. and Kid Sister, A.A.D. came to the game with mustaches, tequila, maracas to run the bases with, and sombreros, lots and lots of sombreros. My teammates really warmed my heart with their participation. Amy brought a Mexican flag along to celebrate the occasion, Arlene brought the Pinata and candy and Victor made us a mix tape truly fit for a FIESTA!

And this, my friends, is how we won our game. Next week, Tiki time.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Club Monster Curtis

So about two months ago, the girls and I decided it was time to dust off our dancing shoes (once again) and hit the club. We needed to shake our things, feel alive, DANCE DANCE DANCE!

Yes, two months ago we picked a date. This is what happens as we get older. It gets more difficult as people have children, husbands and careers. I remember the days when Club Monster Katie would decide to hit the club at 1 a.m. Those days, my friends, are long gone.

I sent out an evite, because that's also what you do when you get old. We need to have it on our calendars, people! or it just won't happen.

Eener and I were discussing what it would be like one night at SSFS. Afterall, it had been about a year since we hit the 'ol club scene. First discussion was if we still have the moves. "We'll be dropping it like it's hot. Wait. Do they even still do that? WAIT. Can WE even still do that?" (And to answer that question, yes, of course, and we will be until we're 84.). I told her that I no longer worried about guys coming up and grinding on us like they did back in the day. "Why not?" "Because we're old now. None of the 22-year-old frat boys are going to want to come up and grind up on this old lady." "No, no, I don't think they will be able to tell that we're old. It's dark in there." Hmmm. "We'll wear our cardigans. And flats. So they know."

So when the Alerts popped up on our calendar and we knew the TIME HAD COME, we put on our new dresses and lip gloss, popped in our GNO Mix Tape (Beiber Fever!) and headed for CityCenter/Bellagio. The Bank was our first stop of the evening.

We brought Club Monster Curtis along for the ride and let me tell you, this guy is a good time. Since, unfortunately, we don't have video, let me just tell you that his voice is that of the background in Luda's 'How Low Can You Go'.

And now, without further ado, Club Monster Reunion + Meet CMC....