Friday, May 21, 2010

R.I.P. Kobe

Dear Kobe,

I am so sorry I left you in the bathroom inside the Monte Carlo on my way to CityCenter last night. I had specifically put you on as I was attending VEGAS Magazine's VEGAS Sparkles event and what sparkles more than you?!? But you didn't make it to the party and it's all my fault :(

We've been together since I was 21 and you brought so much joy to my life. The moment I put you on, you made me feel like the $4 million you'd be worth if you were real (although you know you've always been real in my heart).

You were a part of Club Monster Katie days. All those nights when Creepy McCreeperson would try grinding on me in the club or sleezily try to buy me a drink, I would simply place you on my left ring finger and call it a day.

Because who wants to compete with your 8 carats?

I hope some P.Y.T. found you in the bathroom last night and that she will rock you the way you deserve to be rocked - in a hot little dresses, a nice tan and some lip gloss. And that you will save her from countless douchers hitting on her in the club.

But know this, Kobe, you will forever live in my heart. And I am sorry it ended this way but maybe it's a sign that a real one is coming along for me here real soon.

Keep Blinging,

Katie K.

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X said...

Why'd you name it Kobe? ... Hee, hee.