Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013: Year in Review

I started this year in hot water.

It was 3 a.m., we’d all gotten back from a night spent closing out 2012 with the Lumineers and a bottle of champagne in our hands. Excited to be in my new apartment, we hurried downstairs, dipping in to the tub in our best dressed. It was an absolute blast and everything a NYE should be.
But had I only known the foreshadowing that night was holding…

I’d love to find the silver lining in the year that was but in the words of Jay Z, numbers don’t lie, check the scoreboard.

January – Move into the most amazing apartment I will ever live in. I’ve learned over the past twelve months that some views never get old (you’ve probably realized that, too, given all of my sunset over the Denver skyline photos on Instagram). +100. Ski in Steamboat with friends I’ve had for 20 years, family I’ve had for 30 and others that I am still loving getting to know. +50. Get broken up with in a bathroom stall at the Squire Lounge (prior to the remodel). Great story now, and definitely a blessing in disguise, but at the time -100. (Though getting a new drill out of the deal? +10).

February – Ski. Ski. More ski. +30. Getting snowed out of my housewarming brunch. -20. Turning it into an Oscar Brunch. +20.

March – Iceland. Anytime I ever get to spend with Chloe is an auto-plus. Hiked a glacier. Discovered the WORLD’S best coffee. Met Ed. Saw the Northern Lights. +200. Ate some horse. -20. Skied Steamboat with Dad. +50. Got a text from an Old Friend. +100. Justin Timberlake’s 20/20 Experience. +20. Suzy’s 30th. Peng’s 30th. +20. 2nd Annual Easter Brunch at Table 6. +10.

April – Vegas, a chance to celebrate 10 years of Studio 21 and show Suzy my home sweet neon. +100.

MayEstesrogen. 4 girls, one haunted hotel and a whole lotta laughs. +100. Winning the Instagram City Scavenger Hunt. +50 (winning a year of Smashburger? -20). Vampire Weekend at Red Rocks to kick off the summer concert schedule. +20. SLC Memorial Day weekend, because sometimes, you have to top crazy with crazy. +100. Josh Wickler’s birthday brew crawl. +20. Postal Service with Andy, beepbeepweepbeepneeep and memories of 2003. +20.

June – June 3/the xx at the Fillmore, it was one of those nights that I wish I could relive again and again. +100. The 30/30 Experience. Best party I’ve ever thrown, hands down. And couldn’t have done it without these guys. +100.  Yeezus drops. +20. The annual return of Jazz in the Park Sundays. +20. Hawaii. Simply put - a week in paradise. +200.

At this point, you must think…hey, we’re at +1300! but this is where things started to go south….

July – Independence Eve. +20. First viewing of Point Break at Film on the Rocks. +20. I Got Crabs at Andy’s, Second Annual. +50. Camping with the most beautiful sunset I’ve ever seen. +50. Crack tooth as a result of grinding. -100. San Francisco including Muir Woods and a bub reunion, The Legends of Summer, a night dancing in Castro, brunch before Dolores Park. +100. Almost missing our flight home. -20. Dental procedure to fix broken tooth. -20. Swollen face from jaw muscles being in spasm. -20. Landing in NY to find that your jaw has locked. -300. Having to go to a speed pitching event with national media with a locked jaw. -100. Still not breaking the “over 24 hrs in NYC” mark. -20. Trying to find a dentist for emergency root canal in SLC. -20. Missing media appointments at tradeshow due to lockjaw and copious amounts of drugs. -100. A night to forget all that’s happening with dinner at a speakeasy and a walk through a park? +100.

August – Phoenix cancels at Red Rocks. -20. Visit from Pep and Sam. +50. Jaw still locked after three weeks. -300 (-100 for each week). Chipotle Cultivate. +20. 3rd Annual Cousin Day at Waterworld. +20. Find out the jaw work I need is going to come in at about 10k. -1,000. Summer Scream at Lakeside. +75. Park City, a weekend that changed everything slowly, and then all at once. +200.

Shitember – The flight home on September 1. -100. Bite Splint, complete with a new shiny lisp. -200. Tour de Fat. +50. Losing my voice for the first time. -100. Watching my boss’ puppy while it happened. -50. Eardrum rupture. -200. Ticket for expired registration. -50. The Colorado floods. -100. Andy’s Fun Field Games, team SAD AND ALONE FTW (although we didn’t). +50. Missing the National at Red Rocks. -20. Seeing Dave Chappelle. +50. Corn Maze. +10. Breaking Bad Finale after binge watching 62 episodes in 8 weeks. +40. More JT. +10.

October – Dad and Anne visit. +50. Phantogram/Future Islands. +30. California, a weekend with Lisa, complete with 22nd Annual trip to Disneyland. +50.  Root canal. -50. Halloween weekend. +50.

November – Craftapooloza. +10. Great date. +20. Lauren and Scott visit. +50. The earring. -10. Root canal (again). -50. Cookie & Tiger Anniversary. +20. Polica. +20. SamSam sitting. +10. Friendsgiving. +50.

December – The night of Scream’s holiday party. +10 then -10. The next day/hungover/breaking a heart. -100. Pinnacle’s holiday party. +50. R.I.P. Darby. -500. Equilibration (part of the jaw nightmare, the reshaping of my teeth so they fit together in new jaw position and the most unpleasant experience of my life…). -300. Not having to wear my bite splint 24/7 anymore. +100. A Neon Christmas. +100.

So that puts us at….-530.

Now, Suzy and I are throwing a party tonight in celebration of laying 2013 to rest (in my case, to celebrate the year that was in her case), coined Champagne Spongebath which could totally reach over the +500 mark, but even then, the year would still be a wash.

So, 2014, I look forward to all that you have in store. Because even if it takes this reminder around my neck every day…you’ve got to a happy one.

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Friendsgiving 2013

So thankful to have family who are friends and friends who are family. 

Hope you and yours are enjoying the leftovers, the football, the thanks and most importantly, one another.

Thursday, October 31, 2013


I got this question a lot this month "So, has October been any better?"

Depending on the day, I'd tell you yeah, definitely, it's Octobetter. And then there were a few that made me think it was Octobummer. This entire year has been a rollercoaster ride of high highs and low lows, and month ten was no different.

But let's just focus on the good, shall we?

Visit from Dad and Anne with a Fall Drive:

Phantogram/Future Islands:

Disneyland and an entire weekend of California sunshine with Lisa:

Halloween 2013:

So those are the wins. The rest can just suck it.

Esmeralda's Prophecies

Keeping up with tradition...I got some #realtalk from the lady in black this year. And I didn't like it one bit.

You have been living every day, eating, drinking, sleeping, a little work and a little leisure, day in and day out, month in and month out, year in and year out. Where do you expect it all will end? You have never adopted any plan without shortly afterward discarding it. Because your plans do not immediately mature, instead of striving harder to succeed with them, you let them go and live on and on, with no thought to the future whatsoever. Start right now, plan out your future and work for it. Work, economize, save, and you will win great success.

One of your luck numbers is 8.

Drop another coin in slot and I will tell you more. 

WELL GUESS WHAT I DID. I dropped another coin in the slot because I thought maybe she was just being a bitch.

It didn't get much better...

While you are not satisfied with your present condition you must put up with it for a time. A change will surely come but not in the manner you expect. Your will (her grammer mistake, not mine, she's not so perfect either) join a club or society and will meet a member who will change your entire life, for by the influence of this friend you will meet others who will aid you to wealth and happiness. Your disposition is too romantic (true), but it will change and you will be able to retain and enjoy a high position in society. Your love of dress will make you some enemies, but they will not be able to harm you. Avoid riding on boats. You are fond of flowers, jewelry and music and will find your life partner one who is fond of them also (I always knew I'd end up with a gay man). A garnet is your lucky stone and blue your lucky color.

One of your lucky numbers is 2.

Drop another coin in slot and I will tell you more.

But I decided we'd had enough for this year.

Monday, September 30, 2013


I woke up on September 1 knowing it wasn't going to end well. I specifically remember rolling over in bed, looking out the window, seeing the gray of the sky and feeling the weight of the day sink in. There was something that needed to be done, a goodbye that needed to be said. While I had had the time to mentally prepare myself for this moment, the heart does not always follow suit, doesn't always understand the reasoning of "for the greater good."

Although I may have been prepared, as much as I could have been, for September 1 - what I wasn't prepared for was that gray day on the first being only the beginning of what was to span over the next twenty nine...

On September 4, I went to have my bite splint fitted - which began the three month period of "Katie now speaks with a lisp." The splint, although definitely helping my jaw move back into it's functional place, is incredibly intrusive. I would explain it as a giant retainer with a skate ramp in the front, making it incredibly difficult to push my tongue forward when speaking - hence the lisp. It's also incredibly sexy to take in and out before and after meals - while having to constantly check myself that I don't accidentally toss $2,600 of medical equipment into the trash.

Also on September 4, I walked out to a $75 ticket on my car. EXPIRED TAGS. Oh. Crap. I totally spaced telling the DMV that I moved and apparently they won't forward those friendly little reminders about registration time. And, of course, my grace period ended on August 31 so juuuuust missed it, late fees required as well as a trip to the DMV. So on September 6, once at the DMV, I was told that it was actually my year to get emissions done so I'd need to do that and come back. Would you like temporary tags?

On September 5, I woke up knowing the summer cold had hit me. September 6, enjoyed a Photastic dinner with Lindsey that was sure to cure it but on September 7, I went to Tour de Fat which led to the loss of my voice until the 12th - and even just a week ago when I no longer sounded like your old Aunt Edna who smoked Pall Malls for the past seventy years. On September 8, my ear drum ruptured, which hadn't happened since I was a wee little thing and YUP JUST AS PAINFUL AS I REMEMBER. I was holding my ear, running to Urgent Care with tears running down my face. I sat, shaking, in the waiting room for 45 minutes before hearing that sure enough, there wasn't much to be done but to go home. So home I went, where I holed up for the entire week. Working from inside my beautiful but dark apartment as rain poured outside the window and a constant ringing stung in my ear as silence actually became deafening. On September 11,  I ventured out to get that emissions test done since my temporary tag only lasted until the 16th. That's when they told me I failed emissions. I needed to get a new gas cap and come back.

Then, my state flooded.

On September 13, I went back to emissions with my shiny, new gas cap and had to wait in the car with Gordon for 1.25 hours because they decided to not open until 10a that Friday. On September 17, due to unforeseen circumstances, I missed The National at Red Rocks. On September 19, I got a yeast infection SORRY TMI PEOPLE BUT I AM REALLY TRYING TO GET YOU TO UNDERSTAND THE FORCE THAT WAS SHITEMBER from all the antibiotics I'd been on for everything from my jaw to my ear. On September 20, I drank one too many vodka tonics leading to a crippling hangover on September 21. Ok, maybe that one was self inflicted but I was only drinking to FORGET SHITEMBER.

Then just yesterday on September 29 - SO CLOSE TO THE END and just when I thought the storm had calmed - I got stung by a bee. 

I did consider staying in bed today and just sleeping through the rest of Shitember, awaking in October which has GOT to be better (in fact, I know it will be thanks to a trip from my east coast parents this weekend and then DISNEYLAND! shortly after that).

Don't get me totally wrong - there have been highlights - like getting through 40+ episodes of Breaking Bad in order to catch up with the rest of the world before last night's (SO WELL DONE) finale. I got to catch up with one of my favorite people who was not only a boss and mentor to me in my PR career, but a great friend with adorable kids. Andy's Fun Field Games and Team Sad & Alone. Seeing Dave Chappelle. Lots of new music. The loss of six pounds. Rooftop mimosas followed by the tradition of Corn Maze. The Broncos 4/0 start to the season (Double or nothing, Andy?!?).

But THANK YEEZUS that today is the last day of Shitember. October, I welcome you with open arms - and a positive outlook.

Monday, August 19, 2013

KK - Coast to Coast

Over a ten day period in late July/early August - I was officially a jetsetter. Between pleasure and work, and then a little bit of both, I flew coast to coast and my schedule looked a little something like this (start July 25) Den --> San Fran --> Den --> NYC --> SLC --> Den (end Aug. 4).

The trip started in San Francisco. Well, the trip actually started with a jaw ache but we'll get to that. Miranda, Lindsey Jones and I landed in San Francisco (only my second time) the evening of July 25th. Thanks to a recommendation from Marissa, we headed to dinner at Beretta in the Mission. A bottle of wine and the light Italian meal was the perfect start to our girl's getaway weekend.

Friday brought a trip over the bridge and through the woods with Cory, as he invited us over for mimosas, a drive through San Fran and a walk through Muir Woods, all ending with a cider-filled lunch at the Pelican Inn. Aside from the obvious, it was the highlight of the trip for me and I was so happy to get to spend time with a man that I have always admired - starting with once upon a dance floor. Thank you, bub, for showing us one of your (and now one of our) favorite places and, more importantly, for your friendship that is sure to last a lifetime. 

Friday night was something I never thought I would experience. In fact, when it was 'rumored' to be happening, I thought it must not be true because it was just too good. And I mean, I've been a good person, tried to live a good life throughout these 30 years but this? This I felt I did not deserve. And then somehow, it was true - The Legends of Summer Tour was announced. Tickets were purchased in February for Candlestick Stadium and the countdown began. Somehow on top of that, it exceeded my expectations. I'd wrap it up for you here, but this post from BuzzFeed pretty much has it down. It was good that I avoided the headlines/show setup before we attended because had I known how much they would perform together (and that Justin would be the cop on '99 Problems') - I would have had a heart attack and never would have made the show. But alas, some things are just M2B - and it just so happens that myself, JT and Jay-Z are one of those things.

Saturday and Sunday were spent spinning around the city with friends we're lucky enough to have there. Thank you to Lee and Kevin for taking us out for a night of laughs and dancing in the Castro and thank you to Marissa, for one, joining us for the concert (of a lifetime), and for two, spending our last day with us complete with a mimosa-filled brunch and a few hours lounging at Dolores Park. Love you. Love your hair. #leavingoutthepartwherewealmostmissedourplane

In the blink of an eye (and one dentist chair), I was back on a plane bound for NYC. Staying true to my (cursed) tradition, I was only in the city for about 22 hours. Thankfully, it was enough time to see my PY, Audrey, snap a few pictures, eat a few meals and pitch 26 media outlets for their holiday gift guides.

Tuesday, I was headed to the great state of Utah. There, I worked the Outdoor Retailer Tradeshow until I talked to so many people that I thought my jaw was going to close permanently #spoileralert; saw Action Bronson/Mac Miller (for the former); had lunch with a fellow Benneton member; drank whiskey; saw some old familiar faces; enjoyed a patio brunch; laid by the pool; spent so long at a restaurant that we were asked to give up our booth; took a walking night tour of the city - and all while getting to see two of my favorite faces, five days in a row. Ann, Chris. Your patience, understanding and care-taking of me throughout what was one of the most (physically) painful weeks of my life, can not be praised enough. You both are amazing and I thank Mark Johnson for opening a little store called HotCats and allowing you two to walk into my life. Heart. Full.

So yes, I was dealing with a living nightmare (when I say that, you have to realize that the whole teeth thing, mostly falling out without any control, is the only recurring nightmare I have). What started out as a little headache on my jaw from grinding in preparation of the above), turned in to a cracked tooth, which turned into my jaw locking on July 29 (Pep's birthday!). The entire left side of my face/jaw area looked like I had swallowed a golf ball and my mouth was shut tight at about 5mm. I've seen four doctors since the whole thing began and have been on seven different medications. The worst of it was definitely NYC & SLC. Mostly because I didn't know what was wrong. In fact, I still do not have answers to all of my questions. Is it TMJ? Probably. Apparently, I am a very unique case as I never showed any signs of TMJ prior (no cracking or popping, and only started grinding about two years ago). We think that my right disc has slipped out of place and that my left side shut down from over compensating for those muscles for so long. Basically, my jaw muscles are in spasm (and have been for weeks now). At first we thought surgery but thanks to muscle relaxants and a heated rice sock, that might not be the case. Although still locked, I can open to about 25mm now (thanks to Sean for measuring me in the back of Scream daily). I go back on Tuesday to determine next steps.

I will be celebrating with a fajita/sandwich/sticky candy party. Date TBD. In the meantime, it's good to be home.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Aloha 30

In celebration of my 30th year, my mom invited me to join her and Sam on their annual summer trip - this year, it just happened to be in Hawaii. 

Now if you know me, you know that Hawaii is my ultimate. I am a beach girl through and through. You give me a towel, a book and some sunscreen (and maybe a mimosa or two) and color me a happy (and tan) girl. There, of course, was slight hesitation on my part - I'd just gotten back from London and hadn't been to Iceland yet and my travel funds were quickly depleting (oh wait, that would mean I saved, I mean growing at a rapid pace) but it was HAWAII aka PARADISE. My mom was offering the present of a flight and a place to stay (!!!) so I just had one last question - can Lauren join? The minute she said of course, I was out bikini shopping.

We arrived in Kona (coolest airport ever, all open space) the morning of June 21 after a long (and cold!) flight over from Vegas. After a slight hiccup at the rental car place, we headed to Lava Java to fill ourselves with Kona Coffee (the best!) and croissant sandwiches. Off to the beach from there for Lauren and me which (no surprise) is where we spent the majority of our time. We've always been the best of beach buddies (hence the immediate request to bring her along) and for us, this was Nirvana.

That night, our very first night, we were welcomed with a Luau which I just ATE UP. Apparently, you give me a few Mai Tais and put a fire thrower in front of me and I am just giddy. The Kalua Pork was delicious and the hula girls were sooooo beautiful! A perfect start to our week in Hawaii.

On Monday, I went with my parents to Hawai'i's National Volcano Park where we saw an active volcano, devastation trail and a lava tube. I was surprised how much of Kona reminded me of Iceland - with all of the lava, they looked similar (although I much prefer Hawaii's weather to Iceland's!). The lava tube was my first underground cave so that was definitely the highlight for me. Sam, my biologist stepfather, was fascinated by the volcano though, so it was a good day trip for all.

Tuesday was our trip up to Waipio Valley where we rode horseback through the rain forest. Camel the Horse was my ride as we trekked through trails, water and took in the views. An absolutely amazing experience that I would highly recommend if visiting the Big Island. I even saw my first pink lotus (and dream treehouse!).

Wednesday, Lauren and I spent some time at the beach where we made friends with sea turtles before hustling back to the hotel to grab Sam before our Manta Ray Night Snorkel. Audrey (PY) had shared with me, when I told her about our plans to visit Hawaii, that the Manta Ray Dive was one of the most magical things she'd ever seen so this was top on my list of things to do and it did not disappoint. Even with a slight asthma attack in the beginning (I suppose I should have said that I'd had a snorkel mask on my face, once, six years ago, for about 15 minutes in Newport Beach while on vacation with my ex and his family rather than I've snorkeled!), it was up there with seeing the Northern Lights for me. We started with an evening snorkel to see all the coral reef and colorful fishies, we even swam above some dolphins! This snorkel lasted about an hour and I'm glad we did it so I could get the asthma attack out of the way before we got in the dark sea after the sun went down for the manta ray portion. We were on the (small) boat for about an hour between the dives - which wasn't ideal since it was cold and rocky but we learned a lot about the mantas and heard some really cheesy jokes. Come sundown, we got back in to our wetsuits (awful awful awful) and were back in the water. This time, there were about 80 other people in the water (it's the #1 night dive in the world and one of the top ten snorkel experiences). We saw five mantas that night with the largest being Koie, a 12-foot female weighing in at about 1200 lbs. It was such an incredible experience to be that close to sea life - I could have chest bumped with Koie at one point, she was that close to me. The photos below are from our actual dive because I'm the sucker that spends $52 immediately following the experience to get the video and photos I wasn't able to capture.

The rest of the trip was really spent lounging on the beach with Lauren (our secret beach and Hapuna were our favorites), taking in the GORGEOUS Kona sunsets, drinking Mai Tais (thanks, Don's!) and eating delicious meals with my family. One thing we were really surprised about was the lack of fresh fish to be found in Kona (apparently the poke is all the rage but I'm not a raw girl) - but one night, Pep went searching and found us some fresh Ono and per my request, put some parmesan crust on that bad boy and that, with a side of rice and some fresh green beans, was the best meal I had there. #homecookin

Come Friday, we did not want to pack our bags but come to find out, you can't stay in Paradise forever. Even though Lauren and I tried coming up with ideas while we were there - for the record, and more, I still think "Kinda Watchin' Your Kids, LLC" still has a ring to it.