Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Party That Almost Killed Me

Remember when I wrote about going out on a Wednesday night? How it was hard? And Club Monster Katie comes out in like 2.5 drinks? Well, I decided to take another crack at it week before last. Yes, the alcohol has FINALLY worn off and I can now bring myself to tell you that Zappos sure knows how to throw one helluva party.

It's a Thursday night. Zappos is throwing their 10 year Anniversary/Vendor Appreciation/OMGAmazonJustBoughtUsLet'sCelebrate Party. The agency I work out is just buzzing about it while wristbands were floating around. I had already planned on going since my friend Chris was going to be in town and if we're not karaokeing (but we, I mean he) then we are drinking. Somewhere. A lot. And then I got my little hands on a few wristbands and then I called Anika and now we're really going at this full force. On a Thursday.

Anika and I arrive at Encore. I've never been here before. It's red. We get up to XS and walk in the party. Right off the bat, you can tell that just as Zappos handles business and customer service skills, they take their partying just as seriously. This is a million dollar party. There are giant hamster like balls in the pool that FOLKS, that's people just like you and me, are floating around in. PEOPLE ARE WALKING ON WATER (or at least attempting to).

I can't believe my eyes, get me a drink.

Well, kids, this is where the night went wrong. Anika and I go to the center bar at the pool. This is an OPEN BAR OF ANYTHING YOUR LITTLE ALCOHOLIC SELF CAN DREAM OF. We arrived to the party at approx. 10:15 p.m. I did not get to order my drink until 10:56 p.m. so you can imagine, when I did finally get the opportunity, that I was like "Um, can I get a jagerbomb (Jersey!) and two mojitos FOR MYSELF, thanks!" Anika substituted those mojitos for champagne and before I know it we're here.
Yes, that is Chris' head looking like it exploded in to a ray of glorious club lights.
The next day, I got to work and puked. Two days later I came down with bronchitis because I think my body shut down from trying to process the leftover alcohol.

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x said...

OK. My life has been one plane ride after the next for the past three weeks. Mama's gonna get all caught up on her reading this week, you just watch, starting with the Zappos party: WOWZERS.