Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Babysitter's Club: Life at 18 Months with a Tongue

I was putting this post together and picking out my favorite photos when I realized that they all feature Jordyn and her tongue. She and her tongue hanging out on the giraffe, she and her tongue reading Eclipse, she and her tongue just being cute.

But I digress.

I babysat for my favorite toddler weekend before last. Now, you should be pleased to know that she was already fed by the time I arrived. Her mom wasn't too keen on my whole new pricing plan after our last "incident". Fine by me, more time to play and watch YO GABBA GABBA.

Do you have a toddler? Do you know what Nobbin is? If not, you need to call up your local cable provider and order today. Why couldn't Yo Gabba Gabba be on when I was a toddler? Not that I don't just take it upon myself to enjoy it now and I probably would've been way too crazy about it and would've never learned to read or write and then HSCOOC wouldn't exist and OMG that would be the worst thing ever. Again, I digress. Hey, BFFs, remember these guys?

The Aquabats? YEAH THEY ARE ON YO GABBA GABBA. Hey, BFFs, remember Nathanial who likes to dance from The Soup? YEAH THAT WAS ON YO GABBA GABBA. Do you see what I MEAN??? Best show ever. Next to Gossip Girl. And Lost. So anyways, I had requested Stacy DVR some episodes of YGG for Jordyn and I to enjoy and boy, did we. We danced along with those kids all over the living room.

Afterwards, we were pretty pooped and so we took a seat on the couch. This is when Jordyn pulled out my mac book and told me "we need to talk".

I have to admit, I got pretty nervous. I was thinking, 'Ok, she could be pulling up her Facebook page to show me some boy from daycare and his current status update OR she could be pulling up the New Moon trailer since we haven't watched it together yet (but like 1,000,000 times on our own).' But do you know what she pulled up? THIS BLOG. Yeah, she went to her favorites and clicked on Heart Shaped Cut-Outs of Cheese. I was flattered we were on her favorites but knew I was about to get an ear full.
For the most part, she had very nice things to say. She liked the way I posted about our first experience together, she liked looking at the photos but she did not like the fact that I posted photos of her trying to stab me with a plastic fork. She asked me if I remembered having to eat baby food and I said "Oh, don't even go there, sister." To which she replied, "I'm just saying, maybe you could cut me a little slack."
Fair enough, little J, fair enough. I told her I was sorry, that sometimes I just write for humor and forget that little people have feelings too. Before I knew it, we were BFFs again and that is when I remembered that I brought Eclipse for us to discuss for our book club. Oh yeah, we are in a book club now together, I forgot to tell you. Hopefully, she'll be more active than her mom was in our last one (kidding, Stace, I love you!) So we discussed the third installment of the Twilight series, Team Jacob vs. Team Edward. I totally can tell she has the hots for Jacob. Look how googly-eyed she is here when I brought him up.
Afterwards, I asked her if she wanted to head to Don't Tell Mama to sing on the piano. She was all about it. So we got all ready and then just as we were putting on her shoes while sitting on the counter (TOTALLY SAFE, DON'T EVEN WORRY ABOUT IT), we hit a giggle fest...
So then we decided just to ride the giraffe instead.
I know, SO adorable. Great times, as always, just the girls hanging out on a Saturday night. This time was even more exciting since we recently found out that little Jordyn Love is going to be a BIG SISTER!!

Congrats, Stacy. So happy you're bringing another one into this world. If we're lucky, BH2 will be just like her/his big sister. With better eating habits. KIDDING, JOJO!

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Anonymous said...

Ms. Katie, I think that you had SOOOO much fun babysitting for me that we should do it more often. Thanks for making me a baby blog celebrity. All the kids in school read your blog now--and they think I'm super cool. Love, Jordyn