Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Babysitter's Club: Part Deux

Last night, I went to see my friend Jordyn. Now, I hadn't sat for her in two months so I figured some things had changed.

Things that changed:

Her haircut (very cute, btw)
Now can do the chicken dance
Says 'dada' non-stop
Likes to try to open doors
She is moving to the "big girl room" in daycare next week

Things that have not changed:


Here you see, she is actually trying to STAB ME WITH A PLASTIC FORK...

I actually have photos of her tray from this two-hour (on and off that is) feeding FIASCO but it might make you throw up a bit because it looks like a WAR ZONE.

But no worries, we made up in no time. This gossip session consisted of: TWILIGHT. Apparently, she has been hearing about all the buzz building over the New Moon trailer and how CONVENIENT that I just happened to have the book with me.

I think someone has a crush on Edward....although she was intrigued by Jacob and his whole werewolf thing...

Now, I know what you are thinking..."isn't she a little young, Katie, to be reading about vampires and werewolves??" First off, people, IT'S A LOVE STORY and second, it's better than what her mom has her reading...check out the shopping cart.

Really, Stace? A book about a serial killer? Can you imagine if THAT was a pop-up?
Also, if you're interested in hiring this AWESOME sitter, my rates are as follows:

$10/hour basic
+$25.60 for each meal
+9.00 for every additional minute over the initial 30 minute mealtime


Anonymous said...

Wow, according to the posted rates, we really underpaid you. You should add in $30 for every 30 minutes of temper tantrums too.

x said...

Can you babysit Jake?