Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Life's a Beach

Beginning last Wednesday, June 10...the above photo became my new home. Lobo, Double L and myself traveled down to Florida for the wedding of Miss Nicole Vier to Mr. Stevie Westlake. The best part about this blog is that it can be told mostly through pictures. Let's start with the travel day.

Travel Day: Lauren and I took a red eye out. Our flight left Vegas at 1 a.m., we then had a two-hour layover in Houston and finally arrived to Florida at 10:30 a.m. Wednesday morning. This was to be cost efficient and to not have to lose any beach time if necessary. We were like zombies but at least my outfit was awesome.
Yeah, I am pretty much Posh Spice when I travel.

Day One: Still, this is technically Wednesday but since that photo already stole the show, I'm giving the rest of them a clean slate. We had lunch with Bookie (that would be the bride) and promptly changed into our swimsuits to hit the beach. This was not before we checked into our humble aboade. Now, you should know something about The Seahorse Cottages. First off, the biggest JACKASS in the world runs it. They consist of five broke-down-ass cabins that happen to sit right on the beach. This means that people will stay there no matter what. The guy puts absolutely no care into the place what-so-ever, he basically is just waiting for the Hiltons to come and offer him a pretty penny for his land so he can peace the f out. The only thing this douche bag, Kevin, has going for him (besides the prime beach location), is his handyman Johnny Steel Depp. THE NICEST GUY EVER. But, I digress, Bookie had gotten us a CRAZY deal to stay there since the whole wedding party was there for the whole week and we were bringing this guy more business than he had seen since the turn of the century. $392 for the week. On the beach. Sold. Wait, is that a cockroach? It's Ok...it's Florida...there are going to be bugs. Wait, are those fleas? Um...let's spray? This was how the first three days went of our trip. At night we would have to get SO WASTED just so we could pass out in the bed without thinking about all the creepy crawling things that were keeping us company. After staying in this place, we got a whole new meaning to "Don't let the bed bugs bite." So if you Googled "Seahorse Cottages" in Treasure Island, FL like I tried to do so many times before we booked the room, here is some advice....DO NOT STAY THERE. And if you must, request cabin 4 or 5. Now, some pretty pictures from Day One.

Day Two: Dr. Lindsay HotBuns arrives. Beach. Kill bugs. Beach. Eat. Sleep. Drink. Beach. Beautiful Sunset. Drink. John's Pass and Pizza. Go for a midnight dip in the ocean with the wedding party. Kill bugs. Drink. Sleep.

Day Three: Sleep until NOON. Eat. Beach. Kill bugs. Drink. Barbecue. Start regularly corresponding with SBC. Fall more in love with being 26. Drink. Kill bugs. Sleep. And don't worry about the photo below of me flipping off my BFF...I'm pretty sure she had just told me that Kevin, the jackass that owns the Seahorse Cottages was my boyfriend. Or I was just trying to get a good picture. Either way, it worked.

Day Four: WEDDING DAY. Now let me just tell you that I have known Stevie and Nicole for about eight years now. I have watched them be together and break-up and talk about how much they love each other and for awhile there, they just seemed to be star-crossed. But a few years ago, they threw caution to the wind, basically said F It and up and moved to Florida together. This was the first time I had seen her in two years and it was like it hadn't even been two weeks. Those are the best kinds of friends. And the best kind of wedding is the kind when you can TRULY see and feel the love between two people. When you are watching two friends exchange their vows, knowing how long they've waited to say those words to one another and you actually feel privileged to be there to witness history in the making. I know, cheesy but sometimes it is just necessary. Bookie did a beautiful job of putting this shindig together and you really couldn't beat the scenery. Plus Keith, the father of the bride, was mixing us up some deliciously strong beverages. The soldiers that we are, Lauren and I went out for drinks with Ann and Jake afterwards and pretended to watch the UFC fight. Oh, what is that? You want to see the photos from the wedding? Ok, but brace yourself. This one looks like it's straight out of Vanity Fair.

I know, I know....they are a sickeningly beautiful couple. But if it makes you feel any better, they deserve every piece of it. And yes, the cake was delicious.

Day 5: Recover. Pizza for breakfast! Rays game. Italian dinner. The only alcohol-free day of the trip. To bed early. But not before we stopped by THE DRUM CIRCLE. Apparently, every Sunday night from 6-10 p.m. a BUNCH of people get together and beat some drums. Now, when I heard of this earlier in the week, I thought 'hm, that could be cool.' I had NO idea what an actual...let me put it this way, it was LEGIT. With glow sticks. But I shouldn't have even mentioned that part because I don't want to take away from the authenticity of this drum circle. I wanted to pick up a tambourine so hard. Instead, I took photos.

Day 6 and 7: were spent ALL DAY ON THE BEACH. I was soooo relaxed that I didn't even pick up a camera. Oh and as a bonus, since we were on the Gulf side, the temperature of the water was approximately 84 degrees. Glorious. The only thing Lobo and I did do those days were hunt for seashells. It became a sickness, in fact but there will be some awesome art projects to come out of it.

This really was the ultimate vacation, I didn't drive a car or wear shoes for seven days. I don't even mind that I'll be dumping sand out of my belongings for the next six weeks. Special thanks to Bookie and Stevie for being great hosts, for Keith and Carol for bringing the laughs, for the fleas for not coming home with us and to my BFFs who made it a summer trip I'll never forget :)

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I officially have vacation envy.

Uh, the pic of you and the blondes with the beach in the background is so pretty. As is the wedding couple. Like you said, so Vanity Fair it's not even funny.

It sounds like an awesome time!

You can tell me all about the SBG update this weekend!