Friday, June 19, 2009

Skatin' Kate

For my birthday, I asked for a pair of rollerskates. NOT rollerblades. Rollerskates. Quads. The classics. You see, Sir Gordon has a whole lot of energy and thanks to our 600-square-foot condo, not a lot of room to burn it off. As we know, I tried running out for awhile and that lasted approx. 9 days. I thought about getting the bike out but then I remember that I live on the third story and can barely get my groceries up without help, much less my 40 pound bike. So rollerskates seemed like the perfect solution.

So on Wednesday, I grabbed my tube socks and dog and tied the bad boys on. As soon as I stood up in them, it started raining. In June. In VEGAS. Screw it, Gord, let's ROLL.

And roll we did. Holy crap. Luckily, skating came back like it was still '94 inside Crystal Palace and Good Vibrations by C&C Music Factory started playing in my head. We decided to stay local within the complex since it was our first time. Gordon had a blast, running through the water with his mom on skates yelling "GORDON! SLOOOOWWW DOOOOWWNWNNNNN!" the whole time.

We went to the park yesterday and let me tell you, rollerskates and a goldendoodle get A LOT of crazy looks. But, THAT IS HOW WE ROLL.

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x said...

Those rollerskates are the hotness. I hope you chew Bubbalicious bubble gum and blow big bubbles while he rolls you along. Maybe a walkman, not an iPod, would also be nice.