Monday, June 8, 2009


Hello, 26! I have been waiting and waiting for you. 25 was a real piece of shit (pardon my language but it is the truth) and are already like 100 times better than 25. I am so glad that my nearest and dearest RANG YOU IN the way we did.

Since we took approx. (or exactly) 143 photos that night, you know we had a good time and even better, you will SEE that we had a good time. We started the day at Pep's where she cooked up a delicious little barbecue complete with that Nothing Bundt Cake. Then headed to the Golden Nugget where Double L had decorated the room complete with Happy Birthday, Katie! signs that her kids from school made for me.

The first stop was Downtown Cocktail Room where Edward created a special birthday cocktail for me consisting of champagne and watermelon foam. SO DELICIOUS. This is where I am going to stop telling you about the drinks though because if I try to think back on all I had, I might puke now...yes, 2 days later.

Don't Tell Mama. We walk in and they have reserved a spot for us complete with birthday balloons and wands and cards. SO SO SO SWEET, I wanted to cry. Our girl Bianca serenaded me with Happy Birthday and the drinks and the fun were FLOWING. After a few hours there, we headed back to DCR to finish off the night. But, like any good birthday, the night didn't actually end until very, very early the next day.

June 7th was spent lounging by the pool at the Golden Nugget with my favorites, followed by dinner at Joe's Stone Crab (how I love you Jennie's Mashed Potatoes...) and topped off with a bottle of wine at my place with Eener and Miss Anika Jones.

Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who came out to celebrate with me (and to Panda for doing my lovely make-up). I wouldn't change one thing about the truly was a FANTASTIC way to kick 25 out the door and welcome 26 with open arms.

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x said...

You look like you had loads of fun. That's what all my pre-30 birthdays looked like, too. :)