Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013: Year in Review

I started this year in hot water.

It was 3 a.m., we’d all gotten back from a night spent closing out 2012 with the Lumineers and a bottle of champagne in our hands. Excited to be in my new apartment, we hurried downstairs, dipping in to the tub in our best dressed. It was an absolute blast and everything a NYE should be.
But had I only known the foreshadowing that night was holding…

I’d love to find the silver lining in the year that was but in the words of Jay Z, numbers don’t lie, check the scoreboard.

January – Move into the most amazing apartment I will ever live in. I’ve learned over the past twelve months that some views never get old (you’ve probably realized that, too, given all of my sunset over the Denver skyline photos on Instagram). +100. Ski in Steamboat with friends I’ve had for 20 years, family I’ve had for 30 and others that I am still loving getting to know. +50. Get broken up with in a bathroom stall at the Squire Lounge (prior to the remodel). Great story now, and definitely a blessing in disguise, but at the time -100. (Though getting a new drill out of the deal? +10).

February – Ski. Ski. More ski. +30. Getting snowed out of my housewarming brunch. -20. Turning it into an Oscar Brunch. +20.

March – Iceland. Anytime I ever get to spend with Chloe is an auto-plus. Hiked a glacier. Discovered the WORLD’S best coffee. Met Ed. Saw the Northern Lights. +200. Ate some horse. -20. Skied Steamboat with Dad. +50. Got a text from an Old Friend. +100. Justin Timberlake’s 20/20 Experience. +20. Suzy’s 30th. Peng’s 30th. +20. 2nd Annual Easter Brunch at Table 6. +10.

April – Vegas, a chance to celebrate 10 years of Studio 21 and show Suzy my home sweet neon. +100.

MayEstesrogen. 4 girls, one haunted hotel and a whole lotta laughs. +100. Winning the Instagram City Scavenger Hunt. +50 (winning a year of Smashburger? -20). Vampire Weekend at Red Rocks to kick off the summer concert schedule. +20. SLC Memorial Day weekend, because sometimes, you have to top crazy with crazy. +100. Josh Wickler’s birthday brew crawl. +20. Postal Service with Andy, beepbeepweepbeepneeep and memories of 2003. +20.

June – June 3/the xx at the Fillmore, it was one of those nights that I wish I could relive again and again. +100. The 30/30 Experience. Best party I’ve ever thrown, hands down. And couldn’t have done it without these guys. +100.  Yeezus drops. +20. The annual return of Jazz in the Park Sundays. +20. Hawaii. Simply put - a week in paradise. +200.

At this point, you must think…hey, we’re at +1300! but this is where things started to go south….

July – Independence Eve. +20. First viewing of Point Break at Film on the Rocks. +20. I Got Crabs at Andy’s, Second Annual. +50. Camping with the most beautiful sunset I’ve ever seen. +50. Crack tooth as a result of grinding. -100. San Francisco including Muir Woods and a bub reunion, The Legends of Summer, a night dancing in Castro, brunch before Dolores Park. +100. Almost missing our flight home. -20. Dental procedure to fix broken tooth. -20. Swollen face from jaw muscles being in spasm. -20. Landing in NY to find that your jaw has locked. -300. Having to go to a speed pitching event with national media with a locked jaw. -100. Still not breaking the “over 24 hrs in NYC” mark. -20. Trying to find a dentist for emergency root canal in SLC. -20. Missing media appointments at tradeshow due to lockjaw and copious amounts of drugs. -100. A night to forget all that’s happening with dinner at a speakeasy and a walk through a park? +100.

August – Phoenix cancels at Red Rocks. -20. Visit from Pep and Sam. +50. Jaw still locked after three weeks. -300 (-100 for each week). Chipotle Cultivate. +20. 3rd Annual Cousin Day at Waterworld. +20. Find out the jaw work I need is going to come in at about 10k. -1,000. Summer Scream at Lakeside. +75. Park City, a weekend that changed everything slowly, and then all at once. +200.

Shitember – The flight home on September 1. -100. Bite Splint, complete with a new shiny lisp. -200. Tour de Fat. +50. Losing my voice for the first time. -100. Watching my boss’ puppy while it happened. -50. Eardrum rupture. -200. Ticket for expired registration. -50. The Colorado floods. -100. Andy’s Fun Field Games, team SAD AND ALONE FTW (although we didn’t). +50. Missing the National at Red Rocks. -20. Seeing Dave Chappelle. +50. Corn Maze. +10. Breaking Bad Finale after binge watching 62 episodes in 8 weeks. +40. More JT. +10.

October – Dad and Anne visit. +50. Phantogram/Future Islands. +30. California, a weekend with Lisa, complete with 22nd Annual trip to Disneyland. +50.  Root canal. -50. Halloween weekend. +50.

November – Craftapooloza. +10. Great date. +20. Lauren and Scott visit. +50. The earring. -10. Root canal (again). -50. Cookie & Tiger Anniversary. +20. Polica. +20. SamSam sitting. +10. Friendsgiving. +50.

December – The night of Scream’s holiday party. +10 then -10. The next day/hungover/breaking a heart. -100. Pinnacle’s holiday party. +50. R.I.P. Darby. -500. Equilibration (part of the jaw nightmare, the reshaping of my teeth so they fit together in new jaw position and the most unpleasant experience of my life…). -300. Not having to wear my bite splint 24/7 anymore. +100. A Neon Christmas. +100.

So that puts us at….-530.

Now, Suzy and I are throwing a party tonight in celebration of laying 2013 to rest (in my case, to celebrate the year that was in her case), coined Champagne Spongebath which could totally reach over the +500 mark, but even then, the year would still be a wash.

So, 2014, I look forward to all that you have in store. Because even if it takes this reminder around my neck every day…you’ve got to a happy one.