Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Happy National Coffee Day

From your friend Sir Gordon Snacks A Lot.

His drink of choice? A Puppachino, of course!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Band of Beauty

Last night Arlene took me to see Band of Horses. I'd listened to them here and there but wouldn't have referred to myself as a fan - until last night.

Victor (Arlene's husband) is on a new work schedule so I am now her stand-in. I was happy to oblige this request, as I never turn down a chance to see live music - especially a band that I think I could really be in to.

They played The Joint and had some technical difficulties, as most bands I see there do but that was perfectly OK by me since it just meant they were on stage that much longer. The lead singer was super relaxed the entire time and kept his cool under the most frustrating situations. I mean, I've never had technical difficulties in my life but I can imagine.

It was a very mellow Monday night show - as I ran into Branmuffin afterward, he said he almost fell asleep - that's just their sound. Personally, it made me want to go camping which I think had to do with all of the beautiful backdrops they had during their set. With each song, we were greeted with a new photo of nature at it's best. I documented to share with you all here.

While you look at these, listen to this and it'll be like you were there with me.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Little Treasures : Morrison Lantern

I am currently in the process of moving. I've been in my condo for two years plus. As I've been cleaning stuff out - I'm looking to minimize my life, which is hard since I hold on to everything - I'm continuing to come across some of the little things in my life that I'd forgotten about.

Most of these items I had thought I'd lost or have rediscovered a love for them as I was seperating into the trash or keep pile. So I've decided to start a mini blog series on these findings to share with you all.

The first being the lantern below. I remember specifically the day I fell in love with it. I was wandering the shops with Linzi in Morrison, CO at the time. We were in this amazing little hippie shop and there it was.....all fuchsia and rustic with style. "Ohhh! I love this!" but then looked down at the other bags of purchases I had already made, thought about getting it back to Vegas and eventually put out the little light of love I had for that lantern as I put it back on the shelf.

A few months later, Linzi came out for a 4th of July trip with a gift for me.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Fallin' at Phoenix

Yesterday was the first day of fall. Usually, I am sad to see summer go but lately, I've been more and more into change.

I celebrated the welcoming of fall with going to see Phoenix perform at the Pearl with my darling Payton. Pie and I purchased these tickets way back in June and as we were driving to the concert last night, I turned and said 'Can you believe it's already here?!'

I caught Phoenix at The Joint back in January and I was impressed but had I only known. This was my first show at The Pearl so I never knew what all the hype was about. Tickets always seemed ridiculously overpriced for this venue but now I get it. The Pearl is, by far, the best music venue in town. In fact, next to Red Rocks in Denver, which is on a totally different level, it is the best venue I have ever visited.

Also had I known the how incredibly visually stimulating this show was set up to be, I definitely would have brought my camera along. The colors were vibrant, they did a shadow set that was reminiscent of the Beatles' Love, and then Thomas Mars sang to us in French - now that, I would have liked to catch on video. But instead, with no camera in hand, I was just left to soak all of it in and have my hands raised in the air for the entire 80 minute set.

When they closed with 1901, there was a red cord stretched over the crowd and as the spotlight came on in the middle of the theater, there was Mr. Mars himself....basking in the glory of his fans. It was a great, great show....I would definitely put it in my top 5, maybe even top 4 since we did get to hear some of their new material from their upcoming album. In the words of Pie, "Loooooovin' it!"

It did help to be there with a guy who knows how to have as much fun as yours truly. It was great to reunite with Payton after a brief summer hiatus for no other reason than just life. When I arrived to his house last night, he pulled me inside to show me his newest passion - the accordion.

Here's to a new season, new passions and new smiles.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Pink is the new Champs

A few weeks ago, around 9:35 p.m., I became really, really obnoxious. I know hard to believe but it happened. It was my third hour of kickball - we'd been playing since 7:05 p.m. for the Summer Championship. After playing with our heads (we walked two players) - and being on the receiving end of a whole 'lotta shit talking for it - we won the game.

Everyone on my team was there when we won last season as I was lying on the beach with Lauren so this win didn't overcome them with joy in the same way it did with me and Kid Sister. I'm like "We won, right? Hello! Why isn't everyone more excited?!" and then the high fives started happening and then I started to squeal as I turned the iPod to Queen's 'We are the Champions' and started flying my pink blanket like a flag around the field. Winning, you guys, feels AMAZING.

I needed that win. My three week relationship was just that - and I ended up hurting a good friend in the process which just broke my heart. I am revving up for some big changes in my life and need to stay focused on me. At 27, I really feel that I have a lifetime of loving and learning ahead of me and I've had the world in my hands for the last few years. It's time to shake things up a bit, kids. Let's get to it.

Did I just digress? I did. My apologies. Back to how we won the championship. Well, I guess that about sums it up right there....we won the championship and in fact, we were the only team in the NV Lucky Division to ever win two consecutive championships. We celebrated at Shuck's with shots of Patron, a game or three of Flip Cup and 3,475 photos with our trophy.

Congrats to team Pink. I'll miss Kickin' It Old School next season but I have joined a team that my Benneton member started called Kicks and Giggles - which will probably consist of more drinking, less winning but like I said - it's time to shake it up a bit.

We'll see you on the field for fall come September 29.

Thursday, September 16, 2010


The Followhill boys have never let me down and Radioactive, their first single from Come Around Sundown (October 19!!), is no different.

And just for the record, Caleb, I would drink the water when you came from any day.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

A Reunion

Last weekend, Linzi Wickler arrived by plane from Denver, CO. I picked her up at the airport on Thursday evening, we got back to my place, popped a bottle of champagne and the fun didn't stop until she left on Monday afternoon.

That bottle of champagne led us to ladies' night at Sedona where we met up with Lobo for some cheese fondue and a few (more) glasses of wine.

Somewhere between Thursday night and Friday, we created Baby Bruce who quickly became our starlet of the weekend. It was decided that Baby Bruce would go everywhere that we did, and that we would create a life for him, much like we did for Club Monster Curtis. And let me tell you, Baby Bruce really knows how to party, as you can see from the photos throughout this post. That crazy baby.

Friday brought a (much needed) morning of sleeping in followed by some shopping at Town Square before we headed downtown to check in to our room at the El Cortez. Yes, my friends, we were staying classy Labor Day weekend. Springing for a $70 room at the EC is a lot cheaper than a DUI. After bring disgusted by our stop by in the room and figuring we should probably not head back there until we were nice and toasted and no longer cared, we headed to Downtown Cocktail Room for Globe's celebration of being named one of the Top 100 Salons by Elle Magazine. There, we met Lauren and Aunt Karen who was in town for the weekend from Arizona. We said of congratulations, took our (awesome) gift bags and headed to get some dinner before picking up Mr. Wickler from the airport.

Once we had him in tow, it was time for the reunion. For the first time in I don't know how many years, we had myself, Shelly, Lisa, Lauren and Linzi all in town. It was like junior high school all over again - except with more booze. We hit First Friday heading up and down Fremont St (and Fremont East). The night was one of those that ended with breakfast at the El Cortez.

Saturday brought some recovery time before heading over to Pep's for a reunion barbecue. She out did herself, as usual, with brats, chicken and steak with homemade Mac-n-Cheese, prosciutto wrapped melon and (brace yourself), homemade ice cream sandwiches with mint chips. Oh and lots and lots of drinks. We had Aunt Karen, Pep, Sam, Lisa, Suzanne, Lauren, Josh, Linzi, Jeffrey James and myself.

With full tummies we headed to Three Tomatoes and a Mozzarella for their late night Happy Hour. There, the reunion flourished as Clayton arrived, Woos met up and Anika and The Germ made an appearance.

My heart was so full that night.

Sunday we spent the day over at Shelly's for a barbecue complete with sangria and more catching up. The afternoon was sublime as the weather was beautiful and so was the company.

If only every weekend could be so sweet. It was simply divine to have everyone in town, in our hometown, where all of these relationships originally blossomed 15 years ago. I feel truly blessed to have so many best friends that I can call family. And that can fill my heart with an abundance of love that can be hard to find.

X and Os to each and every one of you. Let's do it again soon.