Friday, January 29, 2010

Going "Hey Hey Hey Hey Hey Hey Hey Hey"

As previously mentioned, I love the band Phoenix HARD. They are pretty much my favorite thing in the world right now. If you ask me "Hey want a cookie or want to listen to Phoenix?" I would pick listening to Phoenix. Now, cheese...that's a different story, but I digress.

These fine young Frenchman came and played in my backyard last night over at The Joint. The show was a-maz-ing which was not at all shocking. They put just enough variety into the songs that it made you feel like you were at a live show and not just listening to the c.d. in your car, although the sound quality was that good. Their energy was non-stop and we danced. And then we danced. And then we danced some more.

Then we got on stage. Hey, if the opportunity presents itself...I'm there. How many times in my life will I get to look out at a crowd of a few thousand with their hands thrown in the air, having the times of their lives? Three or four, if I'm lucky!

And like most shows I go to at The Joint, it was also like a mini high school reunion and that just made it that much more the better. Surrounded by a number of my favorite people, listening to my favorite band...this, my friends, is the good life.

And I toast to you a good life all weekend long :)

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