Thursday, January 28, 2010

Wall Art

I am lucky enough to be surrounded by creative people. I am also lucky that I have no problem taking complete advantage of said people. I am especially lucky that one of these people is my best friend, Lobo, and she knows it's not really like that.

I got some wall art for Christmas from Etsy. When I saw it on the site I was like LOVE LOVE LOVE. I'd had a vinyl chandelier from Urban in my old place and it really adds so much to a room that you can't paint. And as a renter, this is my predicament. The solution? Said wall art and a Lobo.

When the art showed up, it was in about 20 different pieces, each individual flower needed to be placed, pealed and tuned to the wall. I immediately felt overwhelmed. Basically, I was presented with having to create a mural. Usually, how art hanging goes in my place is pretty random and I've been lucky enough to have it all work out so far but this, this project needed a professional.

So after a lovely dinner at In-N-Out, Lobo came back to my place to help me with the task at hand. She immediately picks up paper and starts making a mock-up on my wall and the flowers. She draws three options, we decide on one and start working away. It's amazing to me that she can look at 20 different loose pieces, visualize it and create something magical. Her mind works in a different way and I love witnessing it. 1/2 the things she was suggesting about the shape and how it was all going to come together, I responded with "want a cookie?"

Now, I know what this looks like but really, I helped, too. I just had to document the process at the same time to share with all of you. Those vinyls were quite the pain in our asses. We started by positioning them with tape on the wall, then peeling off the back, sticking it to the wall, going over it with multiple items (credit card, knife, books, etc.) until they stuck and then peeled off the top layer. Doesn't sound too difficult, right? Oh, except for the fact that I choose FLOWERS with INDIVIDUAL PETALS. But, a short 90 minutes later and we were done.

It really brought the room to LIFE and is like my own little garden now. LOVE LOVE LOVE.

So thank you, THANK YOU, thank you to my And More, Lobo, for lending her incredible talents to my living room for a Wednesday evening. I can't wait to buy you a drink or five ('cause we need an excuse for that...) for all of your help. Or play games all night. Your pick :)

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aww lobo's so prettyyyyyyy!