Sunday, September 26, 2010

Little Treasures : Morrison Lantern

I am currently in the process of moving. I've been in my condo for two years plus. As I've been cleaning stuff out - I'm looking to minimize my life, which is hard since I hold on to everything - I'm continuing to come across some of the little things in my life that I'd forgotten about.

Most of these items I had thought I'd lost or have rediscovered a love for them as I was seperating into the trash or keep pile. So I've decided to start a mini blog series on these findings to share with you all.

The first being the lantern below. I remember specifically the day I fell in love with it. I was wandering the shops with Linzi in Morrison, CO at the time. We were in this amazing little hippie shop and there it was.....all fuchsia and rustic with style. "Ohhh! I love this!" but then looked down at the other bags of purchases I had already made, thought about getting it back to Vegas and eventually put out the little light of love I had for that lantern as I put it back on the shelf.

A few months later, Linzi came out for a 4th of July trip with a gift for me.

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