Thursday, September 23, 2010

Fallin' at Phoenix

Yesterday was the first day of fall. Usually, I am sad to see summer go but lately, I've been more and more into change.

I celebrated the welcoming of fall with going to see Phoenix perform at the Pearl with my darling Payton. Pie and I purchased these tickets way back in June and as we were driving to the concert last night, I turned and said 'Can you believe it's already here?!'

I caught Phoenix at The Joint back in January and I was impressed but had I only known. This was my first show at The Pearl so I never knew what all the hype was about. Tickets always seemed ridiculously overpriced for this venue but now I get it. The Pearl is, by far, the best music venue in town. In fact, next to Red Rocks in Denver, which is on a totally different level, it is the best venue I have ever visited.

Also had I known the how incredibly visually stimulating this show was set up to be, I definitely would have brought my camera along. The colors were vibrant, they did a shadow set that was reminiscent of the Beatles' Love, and then Thomas Mars sang to us in French - now that, I would have liked to catch on video. But instead, with no camera in hand, I was just left to soak all of it in and have my hands raised in the air for the entire 80 minute set.

When they closed with 1901, there was a red cord stretched over the crowd and as the spotlight came on in the middle of the theater, there was Mr. Mars himself....basking in the glory of his fans. It was a great, great show....I would definitely put it in my top 5, maybe even top 4 since we did get to hear some of their new material from their upcoming album. In the words of Pie, "Loooooovin' it!"

It did help to be there with a guy who knows how to have as much fun as yours truly. It was great to reunite with Payton after a brief summer hiatus for no other reason than just life. When I arrived to his house last night, he pulled me inside to show me his newest passion - the accordion.

Here's to a new season, new passions and new smiles.

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Sulhee Jessica Woo said...

Yay!!!! :) glad you had a great time! That accordian is pretty sweet~