Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Pink is the new Champs

A few weeks ago, around 9:35 p.m., I became really, really obnoxious. I know hard to believe but it happened. It was my third hour of kickball - we'd been playing since 7:05 p.m. for the Summer Championship. After playing with our heads (we walked two players) - and being on the receiving end of a whole 'lotta shit talking for it - we won the game.

Everyone on my team was there when we won last season as I was lying on the beach with Lauren so this win didn't overcome them with joy in the same way it did with me and Kid Sister. I'm like "We won, right? Hello! Why isn't everyone more excited?!" and then the high fives started happening and then I started to squeal as I turned the iPod to Queen's 'We are the Champions' and started flying my pink blanket like a flag around the field. Winning, you guys, feels AMAZING.

I needed that win. My three week relationship was just that - and I ended up hurting a good friend in the process which just broke my heart. I am revving up for some big changes in my life and need to stay focused on me. At 27, I really feel that I have a lifetime of loving and learning ahead of me and I've had the world in my hands for the last few years. It's time to shake things up a bit, kids. Let's get to it.

Did I just digress? I did. My apologies. Back to how we won the championship. Well, I guess that about sums it up right there....we won the championship and in fact, we were the only team in the NV Lucky Division to ever win two consecutive championships. We celebrated at Shuck's with shots of Patron, a game or three of Flip Cup and 3,475 photos with our trophy.

Congrats to team Pink. I'll miss Kickin' It Old School next season but I have joined a team that my Benneton member started called Kicks and Giggles - which will probably consist of more drinking, less winning but like I said - it's time to shake it up a bit.

We'll see you on the field for fall come September 29.

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