Thursday, October 31, 2013

Esmeralda's Prophecies

Keeping up with tradition...I got some #realtalk from the lady in black this year. And I didn't like it one bit.

You have been living every day, eating, drinking, sleeping, a little work and a little leisure, day in and day out, month in and month out, year in and year out. Where do you expect it all will end? You have never adopted any plan without shortly afterward discarding it. Because your plans do not immediately mature, instead of striving harder to succeed with them, you let them go and live on and on, with no thought to the future whatsoever. Start right now, plan out your future and work for it. Work, economize, save, and you will win great success.

One of your luck numbers is 8.

Drop another coin in slot and I will tell you more. 

WELL GUESS WHAT I DID. I dropped another coin in the slot because I thought maybe she was just being a bitch.

It didn't get much better...

While you are not satisfied with your present condition you must put up with it for a time. A change will surely come but not in the manner you expect. Your will (her grammer mistake, not mine, she's not so perfect either) join a club or society and will meet a member who will change your entire life, for by the influence of this friend you will meet others who will aid you to wealth and happiness. Your disposition is too romantic (true), but it will change and you will be able to retain and enjoy a high position in society. Your love of dress will make you some enemies, but they will not be able to harm you. Avoid riding on boats. You are fond of flowers, jewelry and music and will find your life partner one who is fond of them also (I always knew I'd end up with a gay man). A garnet is your lucky stone and blue your lucky color.

One of your lucky numbers is 2.

Drop another coin in slot and I will tell you more.

But I decided we'd had enough for this year.

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