Thursday, October 4, 2012

Esmeralda's Prophecies: 2012

For those of you not aware, on our annual trip to Disneyland, I always get my fortune read by Ms. Esmeralda (see here for last year's).

Here is what she had to say this year:

You are indeed a most fortunate person. While you think your life has been hard and you have struggled with poverty, you have been fitting yourself for the great change that will come when five rainbows have spanned the heavens. Not only yourself, but four of your relatives will be benefitted by your good fortune. It will not only be in money but also in social position and influence. You will also meet one who will love you, but will be prevented for a time from marriage. Be patient. In time the obstacle will be removed, the union will take place and happiness will be yours for a time. This happiness will continue as long as you are true to your marriage vows, and are kind to those around you. Your lucky stone in onyx.

One of your lucky numbers is 14.

Drop another coin in slot and I will tell you more. 

Can someone please let me know when they see five rainbows span the heavens? Thanks. Would hate to miss it....

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