Saturday, November 12, 2011

Shots of Cheese : Fifteen : Esmeralada

If you recall, part of the annual tradition of Disneyland is me getting my "fortune" read by Esmeralda.

I did a poor job of portraying her beauty that year, so your photo of today is of my psychic. I mean do you really think Disney would hire her if she wasn't legit?

Here is what she had to say this year:

There is very little that I can tell you, because you are so good (editor's note: I like where this is headed). You have a great gentleness, and pure moral principles, a merciful affection and constant heart, slightly melancholy. Inventive genius of mechanical arts, are independent and have little patience with conventional ways of living. Lover of music, very changeable in opinion. After middle age you will inherit a fortune, which you will have to defend in court.

I predict that you will have great success in life, in general, and very small changes in your daily routine are necessary to bring you to the top of the ladder.

One of your lucky numbers is 4.

Drop another coin in slot and I will tell you more (editor's note: nice try, E. See you next year).

Taken at Disneyland
Captured on November 10, 2011

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