Monday, December 7, 2009

Esmeralda's Prophecies

My family has an annual tradition of going to Disneyland every year. I have an annual tradition of getting my fortune from Esmeralda while we're there. Esmeralda is exactly like the fortune teller in the movie BIG. Most years she has been pretty on point so I was excited to see what she saw in my future when we were there this past Friday.

My reading:

Your life has been full of trouble, for which others are largely responsible, but you are now reaching a point when you will be able by your own efforts to control your own affairs. Beware of the proposals made by a gray haired man, but take the advice and assistance that will be offered by a middle sized and smooth faced one. You will receive an offer to go to a small town and engage in business far different from the one you are now engaged in. Accept it. You will meet with one who will love you. That love will be returned by you. The first name of this person begins with M and you will be introduced at a place of amusement. Your life will be long and your last days will be your happiest. One of your lucky numbers is 5. Drop another coin in the slot and I will tell you more.

Sounds a little to me like Esmeralda has been hitting the bottle but we'll see...

Oh and a Disneyland post will be up later this week :) It's good to be back - to blogging, I mean, not from Disneyland, OBV.