Monday, November 14, 2011

Shots of Cheese : Sixteen : Garza-Planas

This past week has been an absolute whirlwind.

Between a flight to California, a trip to Disneyland, a drive to Vegas, a wedding, a spa day and a flight back to Denver - I feel like my feet have barely touched the ground.

The wedding I attended on Saturday was for X and Tony, two of my nearest and dearest in Vegas. X is 1/3 of Benneton, writes an amazing column (X = Why) for the RJ, and you may have seen her work here. Tony is also a reporter at the RJ and together, they are absolutely two of my favorite people in the world.

Their wedding, held at the Historic Fifth Street School in Vegas, definitely stood out among the rest. First, their pastor was absolutely hysterical and totally entertaining. Then came their vows - written by two of the most talented writers I know, and delivered from the heart on top of that - there was not a dry eye in the place.

The theme of their wedding was "Old School" so from everything from the venue to the music to the "roll call" for tables - the entire night was full of love, creativity, fun, beauty (see below!) and lots and lots of dancing.

I cannot thank them enough for inviting me to join in on this truly extraordinary day, one that I will remember forever as one of the greatest weddings I have ever been honored to attend. And I look to watching their marriage grow into what I know will be a beautiful lifetime together. Filled with music by Kanye West, of course.

Congratulations to the newlyweds, Xazmin and Tony. With love.

Taken at the Historic Fifth Street School, Las Vegas
Captured on November 12, 2011


X said...

Our wedding made Heart Shaped Cut-Outs of Cheese? Word up! That's when you know you've made it. You are the sweetest! You were one of the first people I saw when I joined the cocktail hour and it was such a relief to see your pretty face after all that stress. Love you so much! I'm so happy and thankful you made the trip to Vegas for our very special day. Benneton forever!

Tony said...

KK: I just wanted to tell you again thank you for coming. You're an awesome person and not a bad scribe yourself. I enjoyed the read, keep living your crazy, fun life. Hope to see you soon.