Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Shots of Cheese : Twelve : Free Pete's

Today, the best thing happened.

Well, actually - two best things happened. One, Arlene showed me this video of Joseph Gordon Levitt performing R. Kelly's 'Ignition' - you know the one, where it's the freakin' weekend baby and we're just havin' some fun.

Second, well first really, from the joy it brought to my wallet and then to my tummy - my lunch at Illegal Pete's was GIFTED to me. 

Sean and I (sadly?) figured out that it must be because we're in there at least twice a week, ordering the same thing (a potato burrito for him, queso and chips for me - and I'll take a chicken taco on the side, just so I don't feel guilty about just ordering cheese for lunch). We always play the trivia, we always say our please and thank yous and we always tip. 

This, my friends - is what I call good 'ol fashioned karma. In the form of a (free) taco.

Free Pete's 
Taken at Scream Agency after a return trip from Illegal Pete's on 16th St. Mall
Captured on November 8, 2011 

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