Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Club Monster Curtis

So about two months ago, the girls and I decided it was time to dust off our dancing shoes (once again) and hit the club. We needed to shake our things, feel alive, DANCE DANCE DANCE!

Yes, two months ago we picked a date. This is what happens as we get older. It gets more difficult as people have children, husbands and careers. I remember the days when Club Monster Katie would decide to hit the club at 1 a.m. Those days, my friends, are long gone.

I sent out an evite, because that's also what you do when you get old. We need to have it on our calendars, people! or it just won't happen.

Eener and I were discussing what it would be like one night at SSFS. Afterall, it had been about a year since we hit the 'ol club scene. First discussion was if we still have the moves. "We'll be dropping it like it's hot. Wait. Do they even still do that? WAIT. Can WE even still do that?" (And to answer that question, yes, of course, and we will be until we're 84.). I told her that I no longer worried about guys coming up and grinding on us like they did back in the day. "Why not?" "Because we're old now. None of the 22-year-old frat boys are going to want to come up and grind up on this old lady." "No, no, I don't think they will be able to tell that we're old. It's dark in there." Hmmm. "We'll wear our cardigans. And flats. So they know."

So when the Alerts popped up on our calendar and we knew the TIME HAD COME, we put on our new dresses and lip gloss, popped in our GNO Mix Tape (Beiber Fever!) and headed for CityCenter/Bellagio. The Bank was our first stop of the evening.

We brought Club Monster Curtis along for the ride and let me tell you, this guy is a good time. Since, unfortunately, we don't have video, let me just tell you that his voice is that of the background in Luda's 'How Low Can You Go'.

And now, without further ado, Club Monster Reunion + Meet CMC....