Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Ode to Nothing Bundt Cake

Oh you little Nothing Bundt Cake, how I love thee. Let me count the ways (because it is certainly easier than counting your calories).

1. I love your Chocolate Chocolate Chip flavor and I don't even LIKE chocolate cake! This is because every other bite consists of a giant chocolate chip right in my mouth and I LOVE chocolate chips in my mouth.

2. I love your Cream Cheese Frosting!!!!! Yes, five exclamation points were necessary here. I love this frosting so much that it got me to try the real cream cheese over the weekend....DELISH!

3. I love your round little shape (it reminds me of how round my butt will be if I continue to consume you).

4. I love how your frosting drips down the sides of you like a volcano of sweet, sweet sugar love.

5. I love that I can get you in an individual size or in a size that would take me two months to eat.

6. I love that you have Adam Lambert...the should've-been-winner of American Idol holding you up on your website. This makes me feel like "They're Just Like US!"

7. I love that you originated here, in Las Vegas, giving us something other than neon and glitter to admire about our town.

8. I love how clever you are with your merchandise...your tees' that read "Nothing Bundt Drama" and your onesie that read "Baby's Got Bundt" sure do make me giggle.

9. Chocolate Chocolate Chip.

10. Cream Cheese Frosting.

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Brian Govatos said...

We loved this! Especially #7. Thanks for the nice shout-out.

Fellow Las Vegans,

CIO, Nothing Bundt Cakes

Franchise Coordinator, Nothing Bundt Cakes