Monday, July 6, 2009

Red, White and Beer

Lots of things were a cause for celebration this weekend:

1. The Wizzles are in town

2. $1 Beer Night at the 51s

3. There was no work on Friday

4. The Wizzles are in town

5. 1st Friday

6. Golden Nugget Pool Time

7. 4th of July

8. The Wizzles are in town

9. Pep and I made cupcakes

10. Shelly's BBQ Party

Do you need another reason to party? Because the Wizzles are in town and this is Josh's first trip to Vegas. So, naturally, we are FORCED to show him a good time. Make that a great time. As previously mentioned, we were at $1 Beer Night Thursday night which was pretty much the best thing EVER since there was no work on Friday, for once. Followed that with some tiki drinks at Frankie's. Friday night was First Friday and the Wizzles got a room at The Golden Nugget. We ate with the Crawfords at Dona Marias, made an appearance at DCR, visited the Griffin and of course, topped the night off at Don't Tell Mama. Stumbled back down Freemont and woke up the next day to bagels and cream cheese (my first experience!) and spent the whole day swimming with the sharks at the Golden Nugget Pool. Saturday night Lobo had a barbecue where 87 games of Flip Cup were played and Gordon wore a polo (and fell in love with Linzi's husband, see below). And Sunday the Crawfords had a barbecue for Miss Shelly's birthday. Pretty much it has been a non-stop party. I took last night to recover by vegging out with some pizza and the first season of True Blood (so addicted!) And now for the photo coverage. Oh and if you're interested, the Wizzles are still here which means the party is still happening. Tonight brings karaoke at the Beauty Bar...and yes, it is a hipster as it sounds.

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Your dog looks like a human in those pics. A fluffy, short human, but still.