Thursday, July 23, 2009

Let Me Tell You About Going Out On A Wednesday Night

It is hard. I know from the photo above, we make it look so easy.

You're sitting at home, you've already done your normal after-work routine (i.e. feed and walk the dog, make dinner, watch SYTYCD while laid up on the couch) and then all of a sudden you have to GO PUT A DRESS ON and touch up your make-up when usually in about an hour, you'd be hitting the sack.

How do I get myself into these situations? You see, working in the very glamorous (see: NOT) world of PR, you get invites to any and every event ever. You can imagine that in Vegas, this means there is always something going on. Well I got an invite from Las Vegas Magazine about two weeks ago about this Singles Event at LAX. See, hosted bar = sold. So I sent the invite to Anika asking if she wanted to be my date and of course, she was on board.

Then all of a sudden, July 22 rolls around and the last thing I want to do is get all dolled up to go out way past my bedtime on a Wednesday night. BUT we did it. We pre-partied with Gordon at my place and then headed down to The Strip. We get to the Luxor, after almost getting lost because who the f goes to the Luxor, and of course, there is a CRAZY line outside of LAX. It takes Anika and I like 15 minutes to figure out how to by-pass the line. We eventually do and walk into the club. But, oh wait, IT ISN'T EVEN OPEN YET. Here I am, at 10:40 p.m. ready to pass out and a place hasn't even opened it's doors for the evening yet. Luckily, Noir Bar dropped its exclusivity and we were welcomed inside. This bar is actually really swanky and cool, it's got a great vibe to it, all tucked away. So we get our first free drink HOLY CRAP THIS IS SO STRONG and before I know it, we're rapping along to Wyclef Jean sitting in our plush leather chairs and I'm saying "DO YOU WANT TO GO DANCE????"

Yeah, here I am, Club Monster Katie, out on a Wednesday night doing JT's version of The Single Ladies dance without a care in the world.

Funny how it comes back so easily.

Today was rough though, stopped at Sbux and added shot. 'Cause yeah, the evening was like that.


Nomadrwhat said...

: ) Let me be the first to say, My lady, it was quiet the evening. I spend a majority of my nights having what most would call "a blast" but I would call a waste of a good outfit and three days of me reciting the uninviting, over used pick up lines from the thirty-something losers that think their game is tight. AND YES, I said it. I'm sick of holding back and being polite, its time to get real...well, a little. I have to admit I'm over the possibly married, insecure yet overly confident guy that continues to approach you, myself and various other "out of their league" women in the Valley. Is it shallow for me to be so harsh, probably but I'm fed up with being nice and unsatisfied. Where are the eligible, intelligent, SINGLE, GOOD LOOKING, of age bachelors hanging out in Las Vegas?

Nomadrwhat said...

ok ok ok ok ok CHEEEESE, an update to the aforementioned bloggerific topic of dating in Las Vegas, last night's encounter with the over eager/aged loud mouth vermin creator (that I spotted by the door and ranted for 12 minutes about how hot he was...oops) has been an interesting ride. There are many questions to address and many others not even worth questioning but...I ask this, when a girl like me turns to her favorite blond boom shell, dressed to the nine's in her suited new hair cut, and says "yo that guy is waaay hot...blah blah 12 minutes more...i need a foreign DUDE...blah blah....i like a rocker guy, not a The Fray times) and BOOM out of nowhere a foreign wannabe Chris Cornell-ish figure walks up, you must admit the universe is helping to work some pimp juice in your favor. Almost like a "close...but no cigar' sort of scenario. I essentially got what I asked for...a tattooed D.I.L.F with a lil style, an accent, an attitude and lil tenderness. Ya know, a Scott Weiland and Lenny Kravitz. Well, no Lenny or Scott but close DAMN IT Close! But I'm leaving out the total party foul drunk-ness and personal sob story about his problems in NYC. That possibly trumps all cool points for him and i mistakenly gave him my number. He wanted to interfer with SSFS but hellz no...I barely remember him. Awh, when does your friend hating him trump all other factors of giving a guy a chance? I may know the answer to that question....shit, can we go to Seattle soon?