Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Bye, Bye Bug :(

So, it's official. I am putting my bug up for sale. For those of you who don't know, I've been dragging my feet on this for some time now. Pep offered me her Jeep which is in much better condition than my bug. And it's a real shame that the VW dealership here likes to charge people up the ahole for little things like A HEADLIGHT CHANGE.

But I digress, I've written a little love letter to my trusty beetle and it goes a little something like this...

Dearest Buzz,

Thank you so much for getting me from point A to point Z and everything in between over the past five (plus) years. From the moment I slapped that Hot Cats sticker on the back of you, I knew we would be friends for life.

Buzz, you were my home-away-from-home. You were there for me when I sat in front of boy(s) house(s) crying for hours on your steering wheel. You were there to rock out with me whenever I would get the new JT album and feel the need to practically blow your speakers with it. And how about all those road trips to sure fit in nicely there. And most importantly, you got me home on nights when I should have just left you some place.

You were always so good about your gas mileage, too...I really am going to miss that (Jeannette the Jeep doesn't have shit on your gas mileage).

I'm sorry that I made you drive around Super Chump for so long because he didn't have a car. And I'm sorry about how embarrassed you got when he would drunkenly jump out of your passenger seat in the Del Taco drive-thru.

I'm sorry that I didn't give you enough baths and that most of the time, half of my apartment was actually in your trunk (ok and the backseat). And I'm real sorry about all the curbs I hit, I didn't mean it.

Thank you, thank you for making Crayola my signature scent. I'll miss the crap out of you and am going to make sure that your next owner has a sense of style for your flower case and will be worthy of your waxy ways.

I'll love you forever,

Katie K.

Now, the ideal situation would be for a HSCOOC reader or someone they know to come and scoop this bug off it's wheels. So here is the add...holler at me if you know anyone who is in need of the World's Best Beetle...

Beep beep! New Beetle for Sale! 2001 Silver Volkswagen Beetle with 116,650 miles. Great gas mileage, AC system to cool you off during hot summer days, 6-disc cd changer, sun roof, automatic transmission and very CUTE! I love this car and hate to be parting with it but my expanding family requires something larger. Blue book is $5,100 in fair condition, asking price $4,500 for good condition.

(and readers, no worries, that expanding family part = Gordo).

Now, for some parting photos...

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