Wednesday, March 18, 2009

My Signature Scent: Crayola

I drive a 2001 Volkswagon Beetle that smells like crayons. For the first few years that I owned my car, I just assumed that the previous owner (a mother) had left a box of crayons in the car one day when it was 115 degrees outside (because that happens here in Vegas, quite often) and then that box of crayons must have melted, leaving a waxy crayon-esque scent behind. Every time someone gets in my car they say "It smells like....what is that? Crayons?" Seriously, remember the first time you got in my car? Remember how you said it JUST LIKE THAT? It never fails.
The other night, I was talking to Eener about it on our drive to Golden Spoon and I was like "I don't even notice it anymore." And she said, "Sometimes when I hug you, right after you get out of your car, your hair smells like crayons."
Great. My signature scent is Crayola.
You should know that a few years ago, I was talking with some guy and I was telling him that my car smells like crayons (yes, these are the exact hot and steamy conversations I have with potential future husbands) and his friend jumped in and said "Do you drive a 2001 Volkswagon??" "Um, yes, yes I do in fact, why?" "I drive a 2001 Jetta and my car smells like crayons, I think it is the glue VW used that year." AhHA.
So next time you borrow a shirt from me and it smells like crayons or when you go to give me a warm embrace and get a whiff of carnation pink, now you know why.


Chloe said...

I love that your car smells like crayons, it just FITS you somehow. It's that unique, cute, quirky thing you have going on that is so endearing. And I'm sure that I said that exact thing the first time I got into your car! I have even told other people about it. My car smells faintly of Vanillaroma, which reminds me that it's time for a new one.

You are really rocking this blog lately, might it be the new, special layout? I love it, keep it up!

x said...

This is the craziest thing ever. Forget about getting any action in your car. Crayons are like makeout repellent.

Asian Spice said...

Actually you smell more like Periwinkle Blue...