Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Eener's Annual B-Day Bash

My darling Eener turned 27 over this past weekend. We celebrated, as we always have, in THEME. 2 years ago it was a Toga Party, last year was Totally 80's and this year brought the Thrift Store Swap Party. Here is how it works, each of us went to a thrift store and purchased $15-$20 worth of goods, washed it (hopefully), put it in a bag and brought it to the party. After a few drinks had been consumed, Eener went around with a hat as we all pulled a number. We picked bags in order of the numbers. The result=awesome. If the item didn't fit, you had to get creative and yes, Scott (Lauren's college friend visiting from NYC) got a dress. I, personally, felt a little ripped off but we added to my ensemble throughout the evening. PY got my outfit so, of course, I think she took the cake. Effie made out with a transformers mask which we all tried out, actually..photo coverage is below. This story is best told through pictures.

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x said...

You do all the stuff I read about in Glamour and Cosmo's "Why don't you?" type of stories. I love knowing that people like you really exist.