Monday, March 9, 2009

Two Degrees of Lauer

If I could re-do the Top 3 Pop Culture Moments of My Life, I would have to rank this one at number 2 1/2. I was on The Today Show this morning!!!! Unfortunately, it was during the fourth hour, which is waaayyyy lesser due to the lack of Matt Lauer but still it's the Today Show. On a Monday. I can't seem to post the video here and certainly do not need NBC coming after me but you can click here and check me out in Lauren's sharp suit all lookin' all business-like at the Spa during the Trump LV clip. Thanks to Erin for sending this B-roll in. At this rate, my 15 minutes of fame is going to be up by the time I hit 63.

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x said...

Was that you in the white suit? Hotness! Dude, I love the Today show. I've been watching since the Jane Pauley days. But, I only watch until they introduce Kathie Lee and Hoda so I missed you. :(