Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Sticky Party

Double L recently got her braces off. In order to celebrate, we had a Sticky Party on Saturday night. Lindsay, the good teacher that she is, knows how to follow directions very well. Therefore, she did not eat anything that wasn't on the "OK'd" list from her orthodontist. She did not chew gum, she did not eat popcorn, she drank out of a straw and didn't bite into any of her food for TWO YEARS. So the removal of these brackets were a cause for celebration. And by celebration, I mean a whole lot of eating.
I took her to the candy aisle where some very difficult decisions had to be made. I mean we couldn't possible get EVERYTHING.

We settled upon Milk Duds, Gummy Bears, Peach-os, Cadbury Mini Eggs ('tis the season!), Starburst Jellybeans and COOKIE BROWNIE BAR MIX. What? What is that you say? Oh, only just about the best thing ever. Seriously, that is how I've spent my last two Saturday evenings...making cookie brownie bars with my girlfriends and glasses of wine. They are indeed brownies with chocolate chip cookies baked on top. Look how happy I am mixing here: So we snacked and had a few glasses of wine while we anxiously awaited the cookie brownie bars. I made Lindsay smile a lot that night, I had to...she's got to show it off!
After stuffing our faces and those few glasses of wine, we were pretty sleepy and the rest of the evening pretty much went like this, which is what we like to refer to as a "Food Coma"
So next time you see Double L on the streets, be sure to make her SMILE!


x said...

Uh, did I mention I just got my braces off, too?

Ahem, I like Skor candy bars, Starburst and Sour Patch Kids. :)

katiek said...

X, we don't need any excuse to party with Skor bars. You just give a sister a call and we'll make it happen.