Monday, October 13, 2008

Meet Katie, the World's Pickiest Eater

Some of you may be wondering why there is a photo of me at age 3 above (it's not just to show off my wicked bowl cut), those of you who DO know me, know that that picture is there because I eat the exact same things today as I did then. No joke.

I was at Panda's wedding last month and was talking to Chloe's husband, Alex, and brought up the interesting FACT (notice that FACT is capitalized) that I am the World's Pickiest Eater. Now most people will argue with this FACT, saying "No, no, my brother Joe is the world's pickiest eater." To which I reply with, "Oh yeah? Has Joe ever been hypnotized to get him to try new foods?" Oh no? That's what I thought.

It's true, Pep had me hypnotized at age 18 in the hopes that I could be tricked into trying new foods. My poor mother was worried sick about me because my diet consisted of mostly yellow foods, no greens...anywhere...I'd never eaten a salad. Lettuce? Ick. Get. It. Away.

I do not know if any of you have ever been hypnotized but it actually is a cool experience and depending on the person, it can really work. I went in and talked to him about why I think I'm such a picky eater, how I can just assume that I won't like a food, why I want it to change, etc. etc. I then came back for a session and the magic began. His whole line was "Freedom from control, equals choice." If I gave up the need to control what I would eat/try, then I would have a whole world of choices. One of my complaints going into the session was that I was tired of eating the same 5 things (grilled cheese, chicken fingers, plain pasta, pizza and seafood which I've never had an issue with, oddly enough.) The session worked, I listened to my tape every night before I went to sleep and before I knew it, I was eating Macayo's salsa and Olive Garden's salads. (progress, kids, progress)

So this all lasted a wonderful month or so until I went to visit PY in Philly and forgot my earphones. I was forced to listen to the tape aloud with giggles the whole way through. That was the last time I listened to it and I have since searched for it but alas, no luck.

Let me give you some examples, in case you've never been out to eat with me and this way, if somehow, someday we DO go eat together, you will expect this...

In N Out: Grilled Cheese Plain, just the cheese and the bun

Any Chilis, Applebees, Fast Food Joint that I want a chicken sandwich from: Um, can I please get a #7 plain just the bread and the meat?

Macayos: Plain cheese quesadilla, no sour cream, no garnish (garnish?!? gross.)

Jimmy Johns, Subway, Port of Subs, etc.: Turkey and provolone on white. No, nothing on it. "Nothing?" Yes, nothing, now please just give me the damn sandwich and be happy you didn't have to pile a bunch of stuff on it.

Paymons Mediterranean Restaurant: Just hummus, please.

Catching a trend here? I think you get the point. In my defense, I've improved A LOT over the past year or so. Work has made a huge difference since somehow I have fallen into this PR food/restaurant niche and take journalists to restaurants I represent on a fairly regular occasion. When a journalist is reviewing a restaurant, typically the chef will send out a tasting menu. I want my client to get a good review so I can't exactly turn down anything. Hence, I have tried fried alligator, chilled pea soup, caviar, crab cakes and a ton of different barbecued meats. I also had my first bite of steak this year.

Baby steps. Baby steps.

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