Monday, October 20, 2008

Ode to Lisa G.

One of the my B.F.F.s was out here this past weekend and I told her that on Monday, I was going to post a blog just about her because she is officially the #1 reader of Heart Shaped Cut-Outs of Cheese, so this my ode to Lisa G.

Lisa G. and I met waaayy back in 1995 in 7th grade band class. We both played (or pretended to, at least) the clarinet (that is until my case was invaded by fire ants due to a (presumably) FAT kid stuffing chocolate in the velvet casing the year prior to my rental, I digress...) Lisa and I always got lucky with our schedules and had a number of classes together. In Science glass, I used to share my Starbursts with her. I confessed a number of years ago that I was actually just passing the red and yellow ones off to her since they weren't my favorite but nonetheless, it brought us together.

Lisa came over every day after school and it's a damn shame that my mother reads this on a regular occasion as well because I would just LOVE to tell you all the trouble we used to get into together. But don't worry, ma, most of it just consisted of listening to punk rock and sitting on the driveway.

Here are some memories for Lisa and I to share together. Now I realize that most of you will not understand but HEY! don't get upset...this is an ode to LISA after all. Ok here goes...

Lisa G. What up Girl?! MXPX, Backside Ollie, The Huntridge, Camping in Newport Beach, Disneyland, Walking to the movies, YOUR BLACK TRUCK, my head breaking the whole back windshield, Corpus Cristie, TX trip, Me getting so drunk and then so sick in Andy's car and us going to NY, NY at the crack of dawn the next day, Courtney's house and the night of the jeans, Your blue Koston's, 90210, The beach, the beach, the beach, You going to D.C. with just Carl, Jeremy Chilton, Michael Jackson "brace yo'self!", Happy Campers, Jesse Hidemma, i.d.s taken in SD, You passing out, The trailer, Notes passed back and forth in the halls of Brinley Middle School and Cimarron Memorial, Stevie and Gustavo, N*SYNC Pop Odyssey Tour (do you remember that message Justin left on your phone singing Dirty Pop?!?), Elton John complete with OUTFITS and GLASSES, In N Out's potato stop, Mega Mixes Vol. 1-245 with me talking to you in between songs, 25th Birthday party and the night of the flower (see above), Tye dye tanks, disc golf, 4th of July, Party of the Duffy Year One and Two, Big Buck Safari....

The best part is those last few mentions happened just recently which just goes to show that our friendship continues to be the source of so many unsurpassed memories.

After all...there are good times and then there are good times.

I love you, girl.

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x said...

Big ups to Lisa G. That sounds like a rap name. :)