Friday, April 10, 2009

Knoch Family Reunion

From March 28-April 4, 2009, the Knochs all gathered in Dillon, Colorado for a week of family bonding time. What we were expecting: Spring skiing. What we got: snow storms, which actually made for some of the best snowboarding days I've ever experienced. Most of us spent every day at Keystone. We got into quite the little routine of waking up around 8, having some coffee and breakfast and hitting the slopes around 9 a.m. We would ride for a few hours, meet for lunch/beer and do a few more runs in the afternoon. My favorite part of the day? THE HOT TUB with a few beers after a long day of snowboarding. Nothing is as glorious as sitting in 104 degree water with snow surrounding the outside of the tub. We then would head to the parents house for dinner where everyone (minus me and Andy) took turns cooking a meal. Then we'd play games and hit the sack around 11 p.m. or so.

I got to hang with Hailey, my second cousin who turns 5 this June. She is just too cute and full of total 'tude and I was just eating it up. It was great to see Tracy and Devin, too (Hailey's parents, my cousins) especially since Devin and I have a very similar sense of humor. Andy brought his GF, Angela, up for the first few days and she is just as pure as they get. This girl has fostered like 3,000 animals over the past 10 years or so. She is a total animal activist and although I gave Andy a hard time about switching to the vegetarian side, I couldn't be happier for them. Seth and Andrea just got married this past August and are a perfect fit. They made us the most delicious garlic chicken dinner one night...yum yum yum! I always enjoy my time with my dad and Anne and was glad we finally got to watch an episode of American Idol together (it's the little stuff). Aunt Betty and Uncle Joe, I certainly hope you bring your RV to Vegas again soon because I just adore you. Aunt Karen and Doug...I'll see you in June!

We had another set of newlyweds up at the cabin for the latter part, The Wicklers. There are four girls in my life that my family considers their own and The Wiz is one of them. It was Linzi's second time ever on a snowboard and I was amazed. That little thing has got an inner-balance that just worked. I am so proud of her and hopes she sticks with it. And the more time I get to spend with Josh, the more I love him. In fact, at one point during the trip, I think I even told him that I like him better than Giz Wiz now. But since they are one in the same, I guess it all works out :)

It was so nice to be around so many people I love for a whole week. There were nights I laughed so hard my stomach hurt (especially during the games of Cranium) and nights where I drank so much the room was spinning. And it certainly didn't hurt that there were cheese and crackers for days (BONUS!).

On a separate arm is feeling much better, I'm only in my sling about 50% of the time now and go see the doctor today to get a referral to go to the Ortho sometime next week (gotta love HMO!).

And on a final, if you're reading this, I love you very very much and hope that we can continue a tradition of getting all of us together as often as possible. You all make me proud to be a Knoch. XOXO.

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