Tuesday, April 21, 2009

It Was a Mustashe Kind of Day

This past Sunday we celebrated my dear friend Austin's birthday. He had decided on a "fiesta" theme this year which was complete with sombreros and a delicious concoction of Tecate and Limeade. When I texted him to ask if we needed to bring anything, he replied "Just a smile and some fake mustaches!" If you do not know Austin, you might think he was joking but I knew he was for real. I started calling around (where the hell was I going to find fake mustaches in the middle of April?) Oh, why, Party City, of course! The stinker is that these things were like $8 a 'stache and stuck to your upper-lip for like 3 minutes before slipping off from the sweat (yeah, it's in the 90s here, folks). We had a great afternoon filled with stories from the past decade, shots of Patron and plenty of sunshine. I hope you enjoy 29, Austin...I know all the rest of the years are going to be hard to top!

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x said...

See, for me the mustache is real.