Friday, April 17, 2009

An Open Letter to My Crush at Starbucks

Dear SBC (Starbucks Crush),

It started with 10 little words at the corner of Ft. Apache and Tropicana through that speaker at the drive-thru..."Welcome to Starbucks. What can I get for you today?" and my heart was yours.

A man with a voice like that (you know what I'm talking about, ladies), offering to make me a delicious drink that will not only fill me up but keep me peppy for the day to come...what more could a girl ask for?

Every Tuesday and Thursday (and lately, daily) that I come to your drive-thru and order my Mocha Frappuccino Light add Vanilla Bean and Carmel Sauce, I hope to see your smiling face when I "pull up to the next window."

I feel that over the past few months, we've created a special kind of relationship. I look forward to our morning chats and will not list here all the things I've learned about you to avoid looking like a stalker. But I will mention that earlier this week, you really did look concerned when asking me how my arm was doing. You looked even more concerned when I was there this morning and some amateur took my order and got my drink wrong...placing mocha where the caramel sauce goodness should have been. You promptly took it back and proceeded to make me the correct drink (with love, I'm sure).

If I'm on the phone while approaching the drive-thru with Lauren for our morning call and I hear your husky voice over the intercom, I practically hang up on her to make sure you have my full attention for the 2.5 minutes I'm yours (and don't worry, she understands).

Usually, by the time I leave the window, I am practically breaking out in a sweat from all the heat built between us. My favorite days are those when you don't take my order but magically appear at the window to give it to me when I arrive. My co-worker said "He totally likes you, he practically jumps out of the window to hand you your drink every day." Yeah,'re right. Is she, SBC, is she?

And you have a job. And ANOTHER job. Which is like twice the amount of any of my exes ever did.

All I'm asking for is a few dinners and a little make-out time. And maybe, just maybe, a drink on the house with a wink.

Until then...

All my love,


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