Monday, April 6, 2009

Stay Tuned

I've got some bad news for all (4) of you HSCOOC-readers. I got hurt. I know, I know....but before you start sending flowers and cheese, please know I am OK.
This does not mean though that I will not take FULL ADVANTAGE of your pity and ham it up over the next 2-3 weeks.
I fell on my snowboard. This may shock you since I am pretty much pro (not at all) but I fell. On the flat. I got what docs refer to as a "stinger", common in football injuries and cracked a bone towards the top of my shoulder.
It's pretty much just a huge inconvenience. This was not the highlight of my trip, believe it or not (even though I did get to ride the toboggan down the slopes and even up a lift!) and that is why I am here to tell you, stay tuned...I'll be posting the full Knoch Family Reunion re-cap within the next few days.

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Asian Spice said...

I can't WAIT to read all about it! Feel better!