Thursday, April 23, 2009

Babysitter's Club

Week before last, I rejoined the babysitting world (the first time since the '90s) as I spent two evenings with Miss Jordyn Love Hamilton. Jordyn is the daughter of my boss (and dear friend) Stacy and is honestly, one of the cutest babies EVER. My own mother once said, "She's even cuter than you were!" Ouch. But true so touche.

I sat for her once before, a few months back, before she was walking. Let me tell you something, walking makes it a whole new experience. You know what else makes it a new experience? That also in those three months, this little one learned how to SIGN. The girl was signing stuff to me that I had no clue about. I could figure out 'eat' and 'more' and picked up a few others from watching 'Baby Signing Time' with her but there were a few that flew right over my head.

Speaking of I know why I am the way I am. Feeding babies is HELL. Anytime I put any kind of real food in front of her (i.e. green beans, chicken, etc.), I would get this face...
And no, you're not imagining things, she really is looking at me like I'm crazy. But I tried on, did the airplane noise, pretended to eat some myself and also pretended to enjoy it, etc. Anytime that spoon would get near her mouth, she would throw up her hands, causing food to go EVERY WHERE. Eventually, I went for the fruit cup and fig newtons and she was much happier. See?
A girl after my own heart, who can blame her? Most nights I'd much rather have a fruit cup and cookie than green beans and mystery meat. After dinner, we hung out, gossiped, I told her all about what was going on with the Jonas Brothers (I have to keep on them for Gordon's sake) and asked her if she'd seen the new Miley Cyrus video. Then I got a text and she looked at me like, "say wha???" So I introduced her to the iPhone.
She was FASCINATED. The moment she laid her eyes on it, you could see the spark in her eye. It was the same one that I got when I purchased the phone two years ago. Before I knew it, she was ready to text.
She hung like that for awhile and then proceeded to try to eat the phone (to be expected, watching a kid is very similar to having a puppy). I let her get a taste for a few and then had to take the phone back in to my possession. Well, that didn't go over well. So I simply explained to her that she could have one all to herself, just ask her mommy for one for Christmas or 4th of July (sorry, Stacy!). After all that excitement, it was about time for bed. I have to give props to Stacy here, she dresses that girl in the CUTEST CLOTHES EVER. I fell in love with her penguin pajamas. I just eat that stuff up. She picked out a few books and off to reading/sleepy land we went.
I like being a part of the Babysitter's Club. It was good to be back. And certainly nice to go shopping (guilt-free) the next day :)

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Anonymous said...

This really is the cutest baby ever -- I think your mom was on to something. And this little girl must have really smart parents if she can sign so well. What a precious little doll she is...