Tuesday, April 14, 2009

In High Spirits

I am in a really good mood. I think there are a few reasons for this.

First, Lauren and I booked our flights for Florida today. $211 round trip means we heart Hotwire. We are going for Bookie's wedding which is June 13. We have a beach cottage booked for the whole week. A whole week. On the beach. With some of my closest friends. Could I be more excited right now??

Second, I went running yesterday and I did better than I expected. And yes, this totally has everything to do with thinking about being in a bikini for a week straight in two short months from now. At first, it was a little rough but after the fifth or sixth sprint I did, I was starting to get the feel of it. I took Gordon with me and I think it was a bit confused but he kept up pretty well. He's just got to quit cutting in front of me.

Third, I finished Twilight last night and am now a total vampire dork. Seriously, I want one.

Fourth, I have decided to cut my hair off. I'm over this longness. It gets tangled and it's annoying. I am ready for cute hair again. With product. I love hair products. Just over the weekend, I purchased TWO feather headbands to wear with my new short hair. That I don't even have yet. But I will. April 25th.

Fifth, speaking of April 25, Eener and I are going to the circus, BRITNEY SPEARS' CIRCUS that is, on that very date. This makes me as giddy as it did when I was 17.

Sixth, I have happy hour tonight with my PR girls at Agave. No further explanation needed.

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x said...

Wow. Thanks for making me realize I have nothing to be happy about.


Hey, I'm thinking about chopping my weave, too. Maybe, maybe not. Yay for Florida!