Wednesday, October 20, 2010

POC 8: Something you never leave home without

As I was brainstorming for this post, I turned to my friend (and conveniently, cube-mate), Erin, and said "today I have to blog about something I never leave home without." "Your iPhone." "Yeah, I know but that just seems so obvious." I thought briefly about my contacts since GOD FORBID I leave the house without those but then Erin piped up with "CANDY!"

YES! Candy! One of my true loves!

"Good call! But I don't know if I have any in my purse right now...."

Erin gave me the "Please, you always have candy in your purse" look as I picked it up to do a search.

Here is what I found.

So yes, friends, that is my idea of not having any candy in my purse. So next time we're out together and you've got a sweet tooth, I've got you covered.

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X said...

This is awesome. I love me some candy, too, but can't keep it on-hand or I'll get in serious trouble. In fact, just yesterday I had to hide our Halloween candy in the garage so I'd stop sneaking it out of the closet.