Wednesday, October 13, 2010

POC 1: A photo of yourself and a description your day

Today started off like any other day - me not wanting to get out of bed. I rolled over (and on to Gordon) and slowly started to wake up. Every since I took residence back at Pep's house, it's just a little bit easier knowing that there is a fresh pot of coffee already brewing downstairs.

I got ready while watching The Today Show, enjoyed a drive to work with the windows down (wearing Joey's Marc Jacobs sunglasses - thx, love!), listening to Passion Pit - singing way too loud and sipping my coffee between breaks.

Work brought a mix of social media posts for clients and work on the 17th Annual Cactus Lighting Event for Ethel M (November 16 - save the date!).

I am now dragging my feet on packing up the remainder of my belongings at my condo. Hoping that these few last random items will just find a home for themselves since they obv do not have one in my mind if they haven't already made it into a box.

Kickball is in an hour - Kicks and Giggles is off to a 0-2 start but we at least got on the board last week. Losing is humbling. The good news is I pretty much consider myself a key player for this team instead of feeling like I'm in the way as I did with KIOS. We play the #1 ranked team tonight - but I think we're going to take them.

After kickball, I am heading to Town Square with Joey to meet up with Arlene and Victor for dinner and a movie. I think we are going to catch Catfish - the documentary of a romance on Facebook. BTW, have you seen The Social Network yet? If not, stop reading right here and go.

No, seriously, go. Now.

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X said...

I've decided we have far more Giggles than Kicks. :) I get ready to the Today Show, too, my friend.