Sunday, October 31, 2010

POC 19: A photo you took

Well in honor of Halloween - how about a bunch of photos I took over one helluva haunted weekend?! And yes, there are quite a few that others took as well but what is a Halloween post without everyone's costumes?!


A couple of notes: Victor as Russell Brand definitely won me over for best costume. Although his wife (Arlene as Katy Perry) was a damn close second. Yes, Kid Sister had multiple costumes for the weekend. Yes, Lauren was a vagina. Which made for great entertainment on her behalf all weekend long.

Hope you enjoyed yours as much as I enjoyed mine.

Lots of treats to you-


1 comment:

X said...

That first pic of Lauren: Why so sad, vagina? Love the photo of my husband with our second wife and love your nerd pose!