Friday, October 22, 2010

POC 10: What's in your purse?

I could tell you about how there are 19 lip glosses, my notebook, SK+G PR business cards, my beloved Marc Jacobs wallet (thx, Panda!), this book, 3 Kleenex, a camera, 7 pieces of candy, eyedrops, keys and an iPhone in my purse but come on, all of that is so expected.

What is not expected is what ended up in my purse last night.

I was over at Diana's for some pumpkin carving action. After some intense drinking, I mean carving, we walked outside to take a look at her Pomegranate tree and the next thing I knew:

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X said...

I've seen a lot of purses and a lot of the contents of purses. But, I can say I've never come across a pomegranate tree branch. I'd love to see you casually pull that out in front of a cashier at the grocery store. :)