Saturday, October 30, 2010

POC 18: Say something to your 15-year-old self

An M&M McFlurry with extra M&M's and a McDonald's biscuit is not breakfast. You should be concerned about something called diabetes. Be nicer to your mother, she is just looking out for you. See the people you're surrounded by? These girls will be your friends for life and that makes you a very, very lucky girl. Stop sleeping in class, it's disrespectful. Mixers will close and it will break your heart but you cannot make smoothies forever. Stevie B. will eventually fall in love with you and you will eventually find out that he is not what you wanted in the long run - but he will be your first love. There are tee-shirts other than men's white v-necks, although you will hit another phase of that in your mid-20s. Quit smoking. You will look back on that note Lauren just gave you 15 years from now and it will still be just as funny. Be sure to buckle up on the evening of March 2, 2000. When you go to UNR 3 years from now, try to stick it out longer than one semester. You will be 27 and still not know how to drive stick shift correctly. Keep taking photographs - it is your passion. Hug Flap. Life gets harder - appreciate what you have now.

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X said...

Great advice. And, I now know EXACTLY who you were at 15.