Tuesday, October 12, 2010

30 Pieces of Cheese

I was blog surfing today and came across an idea on a few Tumblr accounts. I am going to combine a few of the different "30 Posts in 30 Days" I found to create my own list.

Then you can check-in every day over the next 30 (starting tomorrow so mark your calendars!) to get a new piece of cheese from yours truly.

Here's what we'll be working with:

1. A photo of yourself and a description your day
2. A photo of something you ate today
3. Your idea of the perfect first date
4. Something you regret
5. A photo of an animal you'd love to keep as a pet
6. A song to match your mood
7. Your celebrity crush (I'll try to narrow it down to 2)
8. Something you don't leave the house without
9. The meaning behind your blog name
10. What's in your purse
11. Your favorite movie
12. Something you could never get tired of doing
13. A photo of you taken 2 years ago
14. Your last night out in detail
15. Post a bit of your last AIM conversation
16. The last book you read
17. A recipe
18. Say something to your 15-year-old self
19. A photo you took
20. Something you crave
21. 15 facts about yourself
22. Your favorite musician
23. Post a photo of yourself without makeup
24. How you would spend $10,000
25. Something that makes you sad when you think about it
26. A photo of the last item you purchased
27. Press shuffle on your iPod and list the first 10 songs that come up
28. Your favorite thing right now
29. A photo from your childhood
30. A photo of yourself today and 3 good things that have happened in the past 30 days


Chloe said...

Oh I love this idea! If I still had a blog, I would do it too. But we both know blogging is not my thing...I'm too lazy! And great title, too :) Can't wait to read!

X said...

I might have to commit a cheese robbery with this one, sister. Love it!