Tuesday, October 26, 2010

POC 14: Your last night out in detail

5:43pm: Leave work
6:09pm: Arrive home, scratch Gordon's butt
6:12-7:25pm: BS with Pep, dance around the house, blog
7:26-7:57pm: Get make-up on, do hair, change outfits 3 or 4 times
8:06pm: Leave the house to go meet Kid Sis
8:32pm: Meet Kid Sis at 6th and Ogden to drive to Firefly for dinner (easier for valet)
8:33-8:37pm: Play Kanye West feat. Wu-Tang and Justin Bieber. Car dance.
8:43pm: Arrive to Firefly at the Plaza
8:43-10:06pm: Consume tapas and sangria while chatting about everything from feather hair extensions to the Today Show.
10:07pm: Drive down to Fremont East
10:11pm: Arrive to Don't Tell Mama
10:12-12:36am: Sing our hearts out at Mama's with Dre and Robbie on the keys. Take Gaga photos with Dre. Order Vodka/Red Bulls. Dance to Little Mermaid's Part of that World. Drink Vodka/Red Bulls. Try to figure out if the boy is gay or straight. Apply lip gloss. Sing to Journey at the top of our lungs. The mic is in my face! Dre, you know I hate that.

12:37am: Leave Mama's and head for next destination
12:38am: Arrive to the Griffin
12:39-1:11am: Drink Vodka/Red Bull. Make conversation with Air Force Nellis guys about living in Vegas (over this conversation).
1:12am: Depart Griffin
1:13-1:21am: BS on Fremont before walking each other to the cars.
1:42am: Arrive home, quietly as not to wake any of the pups.
1:51am: Sleep. And all before 2am - pat self on back.


X said...

I just had serious deja vu. :)

katiek said...

Um, yeah, cause that's every weekend! Minus the first weekend of every month where ass shaking gets involved.