Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Smoothie Love

I don't know if you know this about me, but I spent the majority of my teenage years making smoothies.
If you've ever worked in a smoothie shop, you know that between blends - you get pretty creative trying to create your own unique drink.

At age 16, I nailed it. Working at Mixers Juice Co., I came up with the most delicious concoction one could imagine.
The unfortunate thing is, one of the key ingredients is Watermelon juice - which most smoothie shops do not stock. Mixers closed when I was 17 - a sad day for myself, my friends and my family who were all getting over their daily dose of vitamins thanks to stops into my work. And no, Ma, I did not put them out of business with my free shots of Wheat Grass and Dreamsicle Smoothies for Lauren.

There is one place, one glorious chain in California, that carries Watermelon juice. JUICE IT UP. Lisa takes me there every visit and Lauren was patient enough yesterday (as always) to drive around with me until we found one in Point Loma. If you have one in your area, write down this recipe, take it in and request this blend up of happiness:

1/2 Watermelon Juice

1/2 Mango Juice

Orange Sherbet


1/2 Banana

Vita Boost (take those vitamins!)

Your taste buds will thank HSCOOC. And P.S. if you know of a smoothie shop in Vegas that happens to carry Watermelon juice, please let me know. I promise to keep them in business single handily.

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