Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Free Cheese

So, obv, you are all well aware of my love of cheese but free cheese - well takes the cheese.

Last Thursday night, when the girls and I hit Gaslamp for a night out in SD, we just had to go to the Bitter End, the bar I spent my 25th birthday. Except it's no longer the Bitter End, it is now the Tipsy Crow.

If we hang out, you know I'm into a little thing called FourSquare. I am sure most of you are tired of hearing me say, "Wait, wait, I gotta check in." Well, as I checked into the Tipsy Crow, I noticed this particular glorious bar offered a special for FourSquare'ers.

"Special here....the Mayor (what happens when you check in to a place the most) gets 50% off his/her tab at all times. Show the bartender that you checked in with us, and we will give you a free appetizer."

So after looking over the Drink Exchange - wait, I gotta tell you about this. They have a Drink Exchange, set up just like the Stock Exchange, and depending on the popularity of the drink that night, is how much that drinks costs. So I drank a goblet of Widmer for $3.75 and when we first got there, our SluttyCrowns (Slutty Red Heads with Crown instead of Jagger), were $6 but by the time we ordered our second (hey, I said it was girl's night out), they were down to $4.75. Such an awesome idea.

But I digress, I show the bartender that I checked in and she says, "Grilled Cheese or Pretzel Bites?"

What? What? You're telling me that I get a free grilled cheese just for checking in here?

The Tipsy Crow/Bitter End was already my favorite bar in America by comping me a bottle of Champagne on my 25th but now - it just took that title to a whole new level. Tispy Crow, you are now my favorite bar on the planet.

And thank you, FourSquare. I love you, too.

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X said...

I gotta check out the Tipsy Crow. I'm not on Foursquare, but that Drink Exchange idea is classic.